Corona App is coming in a week: A number of foreign makes of courage - Video

Who has been infected with the Coronavirus, it must be 14 days in quarantine. But what of the people who do not know in the near environment of the Affected goo

Corona App is coming in a week: A number of foreign makes of courage - Video

Who has been infected with the Coronavirus, it must be 14 days in quarantine. But what of the people who do not know in the near environment of the Affected goods, with each other and about together, rode the Bus, or in front of the Restaurant have been waiting for?

These people need to be warned. You may also have infected, and the Virus continues to spread.

42 percent want to use the App

just this Job, the Corona-App of the Federal government takes over. Was created the Corona-Warning App from the German Telecom and the software giant SAP. The support of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Berlin large-scale research institution CISPA Helmholtz-centre for information security.

In a representative survey of the ARD-deutschlandtrend 42 percent of the respondents indicated that they want to use the App. This is a low value. Moreover, 39 percent are even against it.

for the functioning of the concept, but at all, you must land on the App of a large proportion of the population on the Smartphone. The University of Oxford calculated that it would have to be at least 60 percent of the population. In Germany, there are to date (as of 2019) 58 million Smartphone Users. According to the calculations of Oxford the App needs to be downloaded so 34,8 million Times. / Power offlowers CHIP Corona

Even a popular Apps, like WhatsApp or Facebook have taken many years to reach such a high installation rate. Experts from the Federal Ministry of health indicate to the CHIP that each Installation counts. "The Positive effects can already be at a significantly lower rate of achieved."

Many Users fear the misuse of data

Nevertheless, there is a major Problem. Many Users fear the misuse of data, state Surveillance, and even restrictions on phone Calls or Chat. So there is the worry that the App eyes could be the battery is dead.

However, the Fears seem completely unfounded. So all the stored data will be deleted after 14 days, the App is voluntary, the Code is freely visible in the network and the evaluation, as well as the recording of the data is completely anonymous.

Here you can use the App

hope that at the end, but still millions of citizens of the Federal Republic download, the German Tracer App, download the examples from France or Italy deliver. In both countries, such a Tracing-Apps are already in use. Particularly encouraging are the Numbers from France.

the Smartphone of each User can capture via Bluetooth, all the users in the immediate vicinity, and stores the data anonymously. Under the name of "STOP Corona" can French download the App in the PlayStore of Google and the iOS from the Apple App Store.

Though even there, the concerns were initially large, have activated within a few days, over a million users of the Tool on the Smartphone. On the first day alone 600,000 Downloads, came together.

digital Minister Cedric O spoke of a "very good Start". In total there are in France (as of 2019) on 51.600.000 Smartphone users. In the case of the necessary 60 percent of the STOP-Corona-App would need 29.6 million Users. Our neighbors in the Corona during the outbreak of a pandemic in Europe, more than 29,000 people have died.

A Tracing App, there are also a few days ago, in Italy. The program "Immuni means". The Minister of health, Pierpaolo Silleri, had provided the App first in early June for a test phase in the regions of Liguria, Puglia, Marche and Abruzzo.

here, Too, there are positive signals. According to Google Play, the App has already been downloaded over a Million Times. Step should also be a German Version of the App released.

This should particularly help German tourists spend in Italy for your summer holiday.

these are the minimum requirements

The iPhone is the latest iOS 13.5 minimum requirement. The for devices from the iPhone 6s or the iPhone SE. An old iPhone 5, 5S or 6 is not enough. In the case of Android phones, the situation is a little confusing. Here must be supported for a Bluetooth LE.

The is Android 6 the case. On the other, but do not need to run the Google Play Services, because the group provides the interfaces over Android, but this Google services. Android phones without Google Play Services, such as the latest Huawei models, that are not included.

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Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 11:26

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