Booming Eastern regions, reduce the gap with the West

"In 30. Year after the re-unification of Eastern Germany, a significant catching-up processes show up in many regions,“ write the experts of the Cologne Instit

Booming Eastern regions, reduce the gap with the West

"In 30. Year after the re-unification of Eastern Germany, a significant catching-up processes show up in many regions,“ write the experts of the Cologne Institute for economic research in your paper.

For the comparative study, they examined unemployment rate, purchasing power, average age, broadband expansion, population density, as well as private and municipal debt in 96 German spatial planning regions and 401 circles.

Overall, you identify twelve emerging markets in East - and West-Germany - four regions and eight "local movers" . But the biggest winners are all from the new Federal States.

ascenders regions IW Köln

The first three of these regions are according to the authors, the "bearer of hope, because on the basis of very low starting positions have improved in recent years, particularly strong".

The Region Havelland-Fläming in the West of Brandenburg have become even a role model. The study calls for five key reasons:

  • the unemployment is significantly lower than a few years ago
  • the purchasing power increased in the period
  • the residents are on average younger
  • Internet connections to run faster
  • the inhabitants as well as municipalities, are less indebted

Thus scored the Region in a nationwide comparison, the new IW-study the most.


apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

Eight more "local movers" complete list of winners

in addition to the regions of the IW-Cologne-experts also found "local movers". So you call "circles, which are developing very dynamically", but in a Region, which comes to a total of only moderately advanced. "Here, too, East Germany is overrepresented," say the authors in their summary. IW Köln

the Positive labour market development in Eastern Germany

Overall, many regions in Eastern Germany positive trends, the study said. This applies in particular for the development of the labour market.

However, there are negative results: for instance, the IW Köln discovered some of the "Eastern German regions, which are identified as Action areas". This shows that the development in East Germany differentiated further between emerging markets and stagnant areas. Nevertheless, the study noted: "The increasingly stronger economic centres, could in the long term, pull in the more distant hinterland regions."

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emerging markets provide more resistance to Corona-crisis

Even the current rampant pandemic plays the upwardly mobile regions in the maps. This surprising finding is easy to explain: In the southern regions, many people in Occupations which the Corona-crisis, added to strong work especially. As examples, the study of gastronomy and the car is called the mobile industry. In emerging markets, however, these non-performing sectors were under-represented. "Thus, these regions can put your Aufholkurs continued," summarizes IW-regional expert Christian Colonel of the results.

Many stagnating regions

The authors state that "there is no Aufholregionen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and the Saarland". There are various reasons, such as Co-author Christian Colonel FOCUS Online explains. For Baden-Württemberg is the fact that the state "is in good economic health", therefore, there is less Catch-up potential.

For North Rhine-Westphalia, the expert explained that, for example, the Ruhr area is a so called action region – here there are development deficits. However, this Region suffer from your economically strong neighboring region, the Rhineland, with Cologne and Düsseldorf. Out from the Corona-marsh: Can Germany now at all-start? FOCUS Online Can get Out of the Corona-marsh: and want Germany now at all-start?

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