Best game: Anno 1800 wins German computer game prize

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Best game: Anno 1800 wins German computer game prize


, We put on our page so-called Affiliate Links. About FOCUS Online possibly receives a Commission from a dealer. Affiliate Links are no Ads. Our editorial coverage is, in principle, independent of the Existence or the amount of a Commission. For users, nothing changes in the purchase price of the product.

The strategy game "Anno 1800" of the Mainz Studios, Ubisoft Blue Byte's "Best German game". The highest award of the German computer game prize have accepted the developer due to the corona crisis on a "Digital Gala" on the Internet. The digital into the Studio, switched-Minister for transport and digital infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer, praised the "charm of nostalgia": the magic of The game in the seventh episode, even after more than 20 years still exist.

A Gala in the network, it has given by nature difficult to transport without a Packed audience, emotions, Glamour and celebration. The presenters Barbara schöneberger and Youtuber Nino guy gave their Best and umschifften also disturbed Video Connections, frozen stills of presenters and fancy acoustics. "It must, however, remain still longing for the stage", said schönberger.

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the Big winner: "Anno 1800" is the best German game

The building-strategy game "Anno 1800" is the seventh episode of the, especially in this country successful, "Anno"-series by Ubisoft Blue Byte. Already a year ago on the German market, published simulation game sends the player on a journey through time into the 19th century. Century, in the midst of the industrial Revolution, and with many lovingly crafted Details. It comes to villages, towns and cities to keep the residents happy, to build colonies and important trade routes to build up. The player can decide whether he is a Visionary, exploiters, conquerors or liberators the story forward.

awards the creators of "Anno 1800, may be accustomed," from Mainz, in the meantime. Honored as "Best game design" of it gave it in Berlin in the evening at the top. And only about four months ago, Ubisoft was awarded the title at the award ceremony of the German developer prize in Cologne several awards, including "Best German game". On the game fair, Gamescom, in Cologne, the game of 2018 received the award as the best PC game.

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the Best "Serious Game" takes place during the Second world war

the three nominees for the Best German game was one of first the game of "Through the Darkest of Time" to the developers-forge paint bucket Games from Berlin-Kreuzberg. The game was not, however, quite empty, but received the award for "Best Serious Game". In this category of games will be appreciated, where the entertainment is in the foreground, but the mediation of a serious background.

"Through the Darkest of Time" puts the player in the time of the Nazi regime in 1933. The task is to organize the resistance against Hitler with the sparse resources available. The game was "more relevant than ever," said Presenter Odile Limpach, a Professor at the University of Cologne. Above all, the game was exactly the right question: How would I act? The makers want to donate a part of the prize to the organization Seawatch.

"The Witcher 3" will pick up the audience award

In a total of 15 categories had previously identified a 40-member Jury, the winners in 15 different categories. The award, based in each case on criteria such as fun, entertainment, artistic quality, innovative content or pedagogical-didactic value.

this time an audience was again awarded price. This game could make players in a four-week Online Voting, vote for your favorites. This year's award goes to Poland. The award of the Community the Fantasy Game "The Witcher 3: Wild of the Polish developer CD project RED Hunt" the adventures of the Witcher Geralt of rivia in the war-torn temeria. The Fantasy Story is based on the novels of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and is also in the third episode, a best-seller.

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