An adventure in the heart of Greenland

Greenland is one of the most beautiful places and corners of the world. The icy waters of the Arctic bathe this vast island's ice-covered, with temperatures re

An adventure in the heart of Greenland

Greenland is one of the most beautiful places and corners of the world. The icy waters of the Arctic bathe this vast island's ice-covered, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees below zero. This cold territory and remote has been the scene of one of most exciting missions of recent times, only within the reach of a chosen few: Ariston Comfort Challenge. For 30 days, three men had to traverse a good part of this inhospitable area of the planet to install in the island of Disko a modular house is heated.

In this corner of Greenland, a team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) is studying how you can fight climate change. Throughout the year, scientists collect samples of ice to see how global warming is advancing, and to study possible solutions to address one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. To combat the harsh conditions of the Arctic and to be able to continue with the research, it is crucial to have a comfortable place in which to shelter from the cold and be able to work in conditions. Hence the importance of the mission.

The challenge was full of difficulties. The three installers of the modular house is faced to temperatures lower than 40 degrees below zero, had to carry the materials on a ship icebreaker that I could barely move and during the journey lost part of the load. But after 18 months of previous work and the participation of more than a hundred people, the adventure concluded with success. Thanks to the housing, equipped with a boiler Alteas One, which guarantees a high performance with low emissions, the group of scientists has been able to continue their important research, something that was impossible a few months before.

The mission has served, in addition, to demonstrate that it is possible to bring the comfort to any place in the world, however difficult or impossible it may seem, always respecting the planet. And that is precisely the philosophy of work of Ariston since he was born in Italy in 1930: the daily challenge of moving every home comfort you need, always in the most efficient manner possible and to provide an essential contribution to sustainability and care of the environment and the environment.

Commitment to the planet

For that reason, this expert company in solutions of heating and hot water works to develop high quality solutions and in the implementation of improvements and new features. With an idea in mind: to offer more sustainable products and a more efficient service that guarantees the maximum comfort in every home. So, thanks to the use of the best technologies, in addition to efficiency certified, clients save in costs of maintenance and replacement of components, in addition to in their energy bills.

That commitment to sustainability is reflected in one of the goals that it has set Ariston of face to the year 2020: to ensure that 80% of your profits come from high energy efficiency products or renewable energy. In 2017, this percentage reached 60%, so the goal is more than feasible. Here, the bet by the innovation of the company has played an essential role, with revolutionary products such as the Nuos Plus+, a pump of energy class A+. Another example is the Lydos Hybrid, the first thermo hybrid in the world. To make best use of the boilers and of the aerothermal, consumes up to 88% less electricity. And, of course, the Alteas One Net, the boiler star of the Italian brand of class A+, which decreases up to 40% energy expenditure. Manufactured with durable components that surpass the 10 year warranty, this boiler now reduced its price by up to 30% thanks to the possibility of de-linking product and complementary services.

Thanks to all these technological advances are applied to its products, Ariston has avoided the emission of more than three million tonnes of CO2. An amount that is equivalent to planting 282 million trees or to curb the emissions of 807.000 cars.

connected Products and design

Another of the big bets of the Italian company is the connectivity. Ariston has developed its own system to be able to manage your home heating from anywhere, through the app itself. Through Ariston Net, the user can program both the temperature of the heating as the hot water in the most efficient way. That way you get a higher energy savings.

The app has four modes of operation and different customization options, which allow you to schedule the hip in terms of days of the week or even the different temperatures, which are desired according to the area of the house. The application helps to visualize the consumption data to be able to monitor the energy efficiency of the home and, if necessary, the service technician can intervene at a distance, as it also monitors the service. The system is also compatible with the attendees of voice of Google, Amazon and Apple.

in Addition, it has recently implemented a new functionality that allows you to turn on the heating for geolocation, that is to say, we can select and automate it by going to the gym or to go get the children from school, turn on the heating to get home with the ideal temperature.

The design plays also an important role in Ariston. The latest models bearing the signature of the Italian designer Umberto Palermo, who has gifted these products a touch of elegance that is very special. Their exclusive designs are reflected in some articles made with highly resistant materials and finished to an elegant and different, very far away from those most commonly seen in the market of thermal comfort.

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