Also the digital office is more flexible

Laptop, Tablets and mobile Internet to ensure that we don't need our work to be done in the long-gone good at the Desk of our employer sitting. Who meetings, t

Also the digital office is more flexible

Laptop, Tablets and mobile Internet to ensure that we don't need our work to be done in the long-gone good at the Desk of our employer sitting. Who meetings, the noise in the large office space or to the chatting needs of colleagues want to escape, not passed elegantly to the "home office" – for which more and more colleagues and bosses have only in times of Virus outbreaks, understanding. Also Co-Working Spaces, local scene, public transport, and the appropriate weather conditions provided that the city Park be used as a place of work.

An unfamiliar environment brings in some activities, the Inspiration, and fits well into the self-image of all who do not want to see merely as a cog in the wheel. The myth of many Start-up start-UPS is part of it, that the spirit of lightning during a hike, broke while sailing or in a Finnish sweat Lodge – anywhere, not just in a classical working environment. So much so, that some freelancers become digital nomads, and with your Laptop then emigrate, where other holiday make – regardless of whether this is the Work-Life Balance is now beneficial or not.


has worked on These developments change not only the office but also the office software. This shows, for example, using the example of Microsoft's Software, the long time was as much a part of the equipment of a workplace, such as the bodies of USM Haller. The programs have want to all of your needs into account – but they were always bloated and complicated to use. A Software for all usage scenarios. Although there were Alternatives such as the Lotus Smart Suite or Star Office – but which pursued exactly the same approach.

However, Microsoft has done in the last few years for the Office to the changing work habits to adapt: There are stripped-down mobile versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Tablets and Smartphones and Windows.

mobile users

voted two weeks Ago, Microsoft has launched the latest variant. The Office App for the iPhone and Android phones available. It comes lightweight: it is less complex and extensive than the usual Office-App, take into account the needs of mobile users. Microsoft has built into the App also functions out of Office Lens: This is to digitize an App for Windows, Android and the iPhone, with document capture, and in Word - or Powerpoint-files transfer can. The Online storage Onedrive is built in to the App, of course. There is also a file transfer option, for which there is no Microsoft account is needed.

Microsoft Office is to be created a kind of Swiss army knife for business documents – from scratch or from existing paper documents to be converted. With the new App, Microsoft deserves praise. Because the group is visibly trouble by the individual work of the users of ways to help – and also to make a home office or Working on the go as easy as possible. (Matthias Schüssler)

Useful Apps and services for team work

don't be, It must always have a professional how expensive home office solution. Thanks to Apps and web services it is easier than ever to work on the go – even in Teams. Here are a few recommendations:

stay In touch: if you Would like to work with two or more colleagues together, a specialised communication service. Both Slack, as well as Microsoft Teams free. You can share files, hold meetings or just have a little chat. The entry is at two services a little bumpy, and the flood of possibilities is initially overwhelming. If you like easier, also comes with classics such as Skype, iMessage, or Hangouts very far.

Planning and control: thanks to a shared table, you can keep very good track of who's working on what, and what is advanced. Of course there are expensive professional solutions, but a Google or Excel spreadsheet is sufficient in most cases.

Sketching and brainstorming: is One of the great advantages of non-digital sessions is the opportunity to make plans together and to sketch on a whiteboard of ideas. But also online. Thanks to services such as (in a pragmatic and no Log-in required) or (something beautiful, but only with Log-in) you can develop an idea together. If it's just Text, it only takes a Google Doc. With a company insider, you should be nits, however, just at the Whiteboard Tools carefully.

Archiving and sharing: Some cloud storage makes Working in different locations and devices significantly easier. In addition to the classic Dropbox all tech companies storage-subscription offer, and also their own cloud solutions today are not witchcraft any more. You would like to send a big file, but services such as or completely.

Present and explain: On the usefulness of presentations is excellent argue. And there is no way around it. In Powerpoint, there are some hidden function to hold presentations over the network. This process is made easier in the case of There you can perform with just a few clicks, a presentation over the Internet. Free of charge only in public presentations but. Who doesn't want any uninvited guests, you must pay.

remotely taxes: The king's discipline in the matter of "home or away" is the remote access to an office computer. The classic is called Team Viewer and allows a Windows - or Mac-to control the Computer even from a Smartphone. The only experienced users are recommended but interior and users. (Rafael Zeier)

Slim Write Apps tatt bold text processing

Away from the Word has emerged in the last years, a wide range of slim-Writing-Apps – ideal for the mobile and spontaneous use. One of the Apps that have helped create this Trend comes from Switzerland: iA Writer came in the fall of 2010 in the iPhone and iPad Store. 2018 a Crowdfunding campaign-financed Version of Windows came on the scene.

The man behind the App, Oliver reichenstein, has contributed in 2008 to the design of the former sites of the Tamedia Newspapers. Empire stone is an active fighter against the "Information pollution". This "information pollution" has the consequence that users of computers and the Internet get to do it often with irrelevant, low-quality or undesirable Information that would be distracting and us inefficient power.

iA Writer relies on a radically simplified interface and a working method that looks at first glance anachronistic, documents are not displayed in the print view on the screen, and the formatting assigned to the not afford to by a mouse, or Format. Instead, it continues during the writing of control commands into the Text, the effect of awards. A title of first level is determined by a hash sign at the beginning of a line, bold with two asterisks at the beginning and the end.

text without distraction

This method is called Markdown is reminiscent of the mode of operation to times when the graphical user interface had not been invented yet. It has the advantage that it reduces during the writing of the distraction, and you need hardly ever take the Finger of the keyboard: This allows the writer to concentrate on the content and not the myriad of design possibilities to distract. Microsoft has recognized the need and in Word the focus-built-in view: it reduces the controls to a Minimum.

in Addition to iA Writer, there are now a number of Markdown-applications for all platforms, or even for the Browser: For Windows, there are Typora that is both simple and beautiful (free Macdown is for the Mac available (Opensource under, Drafts for iPhone and iPad (free or Ulysses for Mac and iPad (, subscription for 6.50 francs per month). The App from runs in the Browser, without the need for a login would be necessary.

There are also Markdown Apps that allow multiple users at the same time on a document can work. Such collaborative editors are to be found in or stack Hack MD with multiple authors online; a Log-in, it does not need. (Matthias Schüssler)

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