Air travel to Corona: These airlines lift again

the Federal government imposed a contact to any relaxation in restrictions, border closures lifted. Flixbus announces a reboot for may, BlaBlaBus follows a mont

Air travel to Corona: These airlines lift again

the Federal government imposed a contact to any relaxation in restrictions, border closures lifted. Flixbus announces a reboot for may, BlaBlaBus follows a month later and also airlines, such as Lufthansa fly again soon more often. But which airline is flying in the air travel from what point to what objectives?

This is the question you asked maybe also is. At least then, if you don't stay in the summer holidays maybe longer at home, but rather in the vacation want to fly. We will give you a current Overview of Airlines that are important for the German-speaking market is important. And only Lufthansa and Eurowings will not count.


The leading German airline, Lufthansa, has announced for June, to want more and more flights. By the end of June, the Lufthansa Group, including Swiss and Austrian Airlines, among others, around 1,800 weekly flights to more than 130 destinations worldwide. From the Frankfurt and Munich hubs, Lufthansa flies autonomously back to various European and Intercontinental destinations. But also the inner-German air traffic is driven step-by-step and depending on the demand high. Details of the expanded aviation program at Lufthansa, we have you in the middle of may in a separate message to the Lufthansa flight schedule-Update betrayed.


Eurowings is represented mainly in Europe-transport. And here are a lot of Connections from several German airports are soon available again. Of course, not in the usual scope, but also in the Lufthansa low-cost subsidiary, your offer continues to expand, starting in June with 40 new destinations. For the moment only 20 machines of eurowings at the airports Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich are in use. Also the restart for Connections to Overseas on long-haul routes is in preparation. Details are here, but still. One way or the other: even now, you can book eurowings flights until the summer of 2021.

Austrian Airlines

up to 14. June rests of flight operations at Austrian Airlines completely. Apart from a few special flights no AUA-machine-stands since mid-March more. This is also one for the Vienna airport and the staff there is a grueling condition. It is now clear: From the age of 15. June it's happening again. After almost 90 days to break Austrian airlines starts regular flights. By the end of June, the Airline wants to stand out to approximately 40 destinations. To European destinations such as London, Paris, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. The use of smaller machines such as Embraer 195 and Dash 8 are for the time being, mainly.


the situation is Different with Swiss. The largest Airline of Switzerland will offer in June from Zurich and Geneva, back up to 190 flights to 41 European destinations. But also Intercontinental, it goes on at Swiss. In addition to three weekly flights in the USA (New York / Newark) are provided new Compounds, among other things, to Singapore, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. Over the summer months, it is planned, the Swiss-flight plan demand to further expand. Unlike in Austria, the air will travel in Switzerland, breathed new life into it.

Brussels Airlines

is Also part of the Lufthansa Group, Brussels Airlines. From the age of 15. June for the Belgian market important airline on commercial flights to restart. Until the end of August is provided, at 240 weekly flights a total of 59 destinations in 33 countries to fly to. This corresponds to about 30 percent of the originally planned for this summer planned for Europe Connections. The Re-Start provides for, among other things, Links to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France and Denmark. On long-haul Brussels Airlines will fly to 13 destinations in Africa, as well as to New York (JFK). A March planned route to the premiere in Montreal (Canada) has been postponed due to the Corona-crisis to the year 2021.

Brussels Airlines Inside cell phone Condor

Still a month to wait for passengers of Condor, before you can withdraw with the holiday airline again. A reboot for the 25. June provided - just in time for the start of the summer holiday season, with around 300 flights a week. From eight German airports (Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Hannover, Stuttgart, Leipzig/Halle and Berlin-Schönefeld) are Compounds 29 holiday intended objectives. For example, on the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, and on the North sea island of Sylt. The summer plug plan 2020 includes approximately two-thirds of the originally planned goals.

Tui fly

Also in the holiday airline business, the airline Tui fly is represented. At least up to 14. Of June but no flights of the Tui subsidiary. What happens after that? Details did not reveal, Tui fly yet. In any case, but you can already now about the Tui-fly-Homepage flights for the autumn and winter season to book long-haul flights from Dusseldorf route in the Caribbean, including. And on many flights there is currently even a 25 percent discount.


Europe's largest budget airline, Ryanair, wants from 1. In July, 40 percent of the originally scheduled flight plan processing. Every day, almost 1,000 flights are provided. For comparison: Currently, Ryanair claims to be only 30 daily flights between Ireland, the UK and Europe. Starting in July, the Irish Airline wants to offer on the main, however, less daily or weekly frequencies. This is happening against the Background of, on as many routes the Service to resume, instead of only a few Compounds with high frequency. From now on you can on the Ryanair Homepage flights for Connections from 1. July book from 19,99 Euro per route.


The Ryanair scoring cheap lift airline, Lauda wanted to in the summer season, with 38 machines of the type A320 from Vienna, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Palma de Mallorca to many destinations in the whole of Europe. But currently, the flight was suspended completely. Probably until 1. July will start with new flights.

More: In Vienna, a dispute with the workers ' trade Union Vida a custom tariff is escalated to the contract, with the result that the base is at the airport prior to closure. Ryanair wants to carry out, instead, in the future, prefer more flights from Vienna itself. Lauda aircraft will be distributed among the other airports for example, Dusseldorf, which are, in particular, for Euro wings, due to the threat of increased competition is bad news.


At Easyjet is a restart of the currently completely set up flight operations for the 15. June provided. Then the eye-catching, orange-and-white aircraft to take off again from 21 European airports. These include not only various cities in the United Kingdom (for example, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and Birmingham), but also Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and Geneva count. Objectives in Germany are currently still in the Easyjet flight plan. It should not be long until Easyjet air travel also to other European airports re-enabled.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air, among other things, for affordable cheap flights to Eastern Europe has announced, meanwhile, the flights in many countries in Eastern Europe to continue to suspend. At least up to 16. June there will be no Connections from and to Romania. In Ukraine all the Connections to the 15. June deleted. To Poland Wizz Air at least up to 6. June no flights. At least until the end of may with no flights to the North of Macedonia, and Moldova are possible. Many other flights - for example from Dortmund to Vienna, or from Berlin Schönefeld to Budapest - take place as planned. At best you need to find out, for example, on the Homepage of Wizz Air, when you can stand out from where what goals.

British Airways, Air France & KLM

For many Transit passengers are in the air travel from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, British Airways, Air France and KLM are important. Because of the turnstiles in London, Paris and Amsterdam - in addition to Frankfurt and Munich, Germany - countless inter-continental connections are possible. Air France wants to 30. June step of the way with, among others, will resume flights from Paris (CDG) to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Vienna and Zurich. Also in the case of KLM and British Airways Connections to major European cities are now available.

flights at KLM book

air travel in Turkey

interrupted When you want to travel to Turkey: This is currently due to official orders for German citizens is not possible. That's why flights to Turkey-specialized airlines, Sun Express, Pegasus and Turkish Airlines has currently no flights from Germany to Turkey. Here a little patience is required.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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