A small step to a more open Apple

The rule was clear: Push-messages on the iPhone may not be used for advertising used. App-developers found this rule in point 4.5.4 in the developer guideline

A small step to a more open Apple

The rule was clear: Push-messages on the iPhone may not be used for advertising used. App-developers found this rule in point 4.5.4 in the developer guidelines.

That Apple , with regard to this set of rules, knows no mercy, had to know last year Facebook. The social network had cheated and a sniffer App to Apple's controls over delivered.

Apple reacted immediately and Facebook revoked the developer certificate, and plunged the company into Chaos (Apple's demonstration of power places Facebook is lame).

all the people advise Apple

It is as an App developer, so good to adhere to these rules. Whether a Large Corporation or a one-man team.

However, a group has set in the last months and years, surprisingly often about the advertising rule over: Apple.

The iPhone-the group took advantage of Push notifications to make to the own services and offerings (such as Apple TV) to your attention. Screenshots connected with displeasure expressions were, respectively, not have to wait long. "Apple is doing what it denied to the other," was the Tenor.

New rule

Now, Apple has loosened this rule. In the future, the Push may be messages for advertising use, if there are in Apps, the ability to disable the.

designed How strictly the new rule, will show the next months and years. Ben Sandofsky, one of the developers of the popular Halide camera App, pointed out that, so far, many developers have not only Apple on the old rule, and asks whether this is an indication that the group will in future look more closely.

to Be bothered iPhone Users in the future, so more and more with Push-ads or rare? Developer are in any case well advised, to be cautious with new ways to deal. In the best case, annoyed users to turn off just the advertising messages. But you can also Push messages, or even the App from iPhone delete. Both cannot be in the sense of an App developer.

Also unclear is Apple's Motivation behind the Change. Is for the time being only, that the group is allowed with the new scheme, the own promotional activities, and developers have the same options grants.

In the visor of the authorities

The Timing is striking. Apple saw in the last few months, increasingly with monopoly allegations and investigations faced. With almost a billion iPhones and almost one and a half billion devices in the group can hide the longer the less, as a small Underdog behind market leaders such as Microsoft (in the past) or Google (today).

a Little more openness and equal opportunities for developers who rely on Apple's platforms, could take such investigations the Wind out of the sails and the group a lot of bad press for bitcoin.

Only the first step?

A still greater step in the direction of more openness are signs for the next Version of iOS already. The rumors that Apple allowed to change the default Apps on the iPhone and iPad . So you could use it instead of Apple Mail then use Outlook as the default E-Mail program, the Chrome Browser instead of Safari or instead of the Apple camera App from the Store.

Currently, Apple Mail is, in fact, in General, if you want to send mail, and Safari, if you click on a Link. In the future, could explain, if the rumors prove true, Users your favorite App to the Standard.

Microsoft and Google can greet

Whether or not the vast majority, apart from a few tech-savvy Users will users make use of it, is questionable. However, in the past, Microsoft sharing the own Internet Explorer, and Google have been convicted of before because before the division of their Apps to Billions of dollars in fines.

Those buses Apple (like the other large corporations) hurt a little, yet a little more openness would appease some of the anti-trust authority and at the same time a few customers a long-held wish to meet.

usually shows Apple the new iPhone Software in early June at the developer conference WWDC. The Coronavirus could bring the usual Timing but mess.

Created: 05.03.2020, 10:43 PM

Updated Date: 05 March 2020, 13:00

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