A camera modular that combines the best of the video action and the universe 360

Both the action cameras such as the shooting in 360 degrees have functionality quite limited and, therefore, are aimed at small niche market. However, the china

A camera modular that combines the best of the video action and the universe 360

Both the action cameras such as the shooting in 360 degrees have functionality quite limited and, therefore, are aimed at small niche market. However, the china Insta360 have decided to combine both worlds in a single device that has been presented today, and that threatens to shake the foundations of the sector. The camera Insta360 One R inaugurates a modular solution that adopts a system like the mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras to expand considerably the range of possibilities that it offers to the user.

on one side is the module of the processor, the brain, which also includes a small touch screen to access the menu directly from the camera or see what is being recorded. On the other hand, the company offers three modules with different objectives: a dual lens, 360 degrees with speed f 2.8 which records at a maximum resolution of 5760x2880 pixels; a wide-angle lens f 2 with a focal distance equivalent to 16.4 mm paired with a sensor, 4K; and an innovative module-wide-angle -14,4 mm - designed in collaboration with Leica that adopts the first sensor of an inch and offers a resolution of 5.3 K. “No other action camera offers better image quality”, says the director of Communication of Insta360, Eli MacKinnon, in an interview with THE COUNTRY.

The set is closed with the battery module, which is docked at the bottom of the camera. When it is fully assembled, is waterproof up to five meters of depth without the need of housing. And, as the modules can be coupled in both directions, front and back, the screen is also perfect for vlogs, because it can be mounted so that it faces to who you are recording. If that is not enough, it is possible to preview the image on the touch screen even when recording with the lens 360 degrees. “The goal was to create the chamber with greater versatility in the market, and the use of modules is what allows you to do so without compromising aspects such as the size and weight,” explains MacKinnon.

however, the board recognizes that, despite the fact that most social networks already allow its publication, the video in 360 degrees has not become as popular as was envisaged in the beginning. “But we believe that there are potential pending exploit, because the 360 allows us to record all that is around us without the need of worrying by what appears in the scene. That's not to say that you are going to publish in that format. We opt for their use to reframe the shot to your taste and create amazing images that would otherwise be impossible to capture. The field of action cameras is perfect for this because, by definition, are moments in which one may not be thinking in the frame”, he explains.

Insta360 already experimented with this option in your previous camera, the successful One X, and now takes the concept a step further. MacKinnon advances that, in the future, the cameras of 360 degrees will be able to record in 8K, or even higher resolutions, which will then reframe and even zoom in on details without reduce quality. “Perhaps then you do not need any other type of camera,” he says. “But we're not yet at that point, so that the wide-angle traditional, that offers more image quality, still has its place”, he adds, in reference to the modules of the more traditional.

MacKinnon also claims that the artificial intelligence is going to be key to popularize these cameras, as it allows to reduce to a minimum the need to edit the clips. “The system itself is able to determine the best angles for every moment, and propose them to the user. This always has total control over the image, but with the assistance of the algorithms,” he says. This allows, for example, track a subject even when it disappears from the flat for a moment because of some obstacle. In mode 360 suffice it to say, mark that to recognize to whom we want will feature in the scene. “And it goes beyond that, because even proposes different editions of each clip,” said the officer.

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Among the different modes and special predefined are the hyperlapse -videos in camera ultrafast - and the starlapse -that picks up the movement of the stars-. Also, the One R also adds style effects hollywood that allow you to freeze the body of the protagonist while everything around you continues to move -stop-motion-, and their algorithms are able to do away with the paloselfi in which is mounted the camera to turn it into a drone that follows the user.

Although it is evident that the One R has been designed thinking of those who do not want to put up the blanket to the head to get videos eye-catching, Insta360 has not forgotten the professional and allows you to record in RAW format to perform a post-production's most elaborate computer. “Although you can edit the videos without need to download them on the phone, from the application you can control all the parameters of the camera, the One R also includes a transfer system without cables ultra-fast Wi-fi”, explains MacKinnon.

This newspaper has been able to test the camera in a pre-release version and, without doubt, the use is very simple and intuitive. Change of objectives is also fast, though in every operation that is releasing also the battery and it slows down a few seconds. The mount for the ‘paloselfi’ or the tripod is very useful, and the same thing happens with the curious cover that has been devised by the company to protect the lens semiesféricas module 360. In short, the One R confirms to Insta360 as one of the most innovative companies in the industry of action cameras and gets in trouble for it leaders such as GoPro.

“With One R, users will receive two cameras for the price of one,” says MacKinnon. Not in vain, the prices are very restrained. The kit with the wide angle lens 4K and with the lens 360 degrees, will be sold at 500 euros, while the price will amount to 589 euros with the aim of Leica instead of the ball. The most economic option is the one that includes only the module with the wide-angle 4K, which will cost 320 euros.

Date Of Update: 07 January 2020, 15:00