Carol Veravanich, a mother and a kindergarten teacher thinks parents should not use childcare in helping the kids mature. She said maturity does not happen during summer daycare or after-school programs.

The children who usually attend these programs have working parents. These programs, Veravanich said are the kinds of babysitting situations, wherein the children are allowed to play with other kids. However, such environment would not help in the child’s maturity. She emphasized that discipline and maturity of every child happen and is established at home.

Veravanich explained that the best way towards a child’s maturity is allowing him or her to grow with the guidance of the family. When a child is a handful when at home, it suggests that the parents are not in complete control. Toddlers can be a handful, she said, but by the age of 5, the child should have respect for authority. The parents should know how to require this, she said, ensuring that parents should not “baby” their child at home.

The kindergarten teacher also explained that giving responsibilities to a child is also crucial, allowing the parents to expect help from them during meal times and speaking to them in regular conversations. Respect is required, while requiring them to outgrow baby talk.

Most parents think those small voices and cute pronunciations are adorable, not realizing that those immature ways will make the kid appear immature to his friends or peers. There are changes at home to be done so as a child behaves in a more righteous way that a parent would like him to behave. The structures at home are taken by a child into the outside world, including the way of interaction and kindness taught to them.

Veravanich said that finding teachers and classes that would fit the child’s age is of utmost importance. Some classes that can be helpful include art classes, which require drawing; music classes for rhythm and movements are equally suited for growing kids. Veravanich also recommends gymnastics for the child’s balance and strength development, and other sport classes like karate.

She admitted that summer day care and after-programs are great ways for parents who need to work, however, are not helpful in kids’ maturity. Summer programs are not equivalent to the schedules in regular schools as these programs only involve field trips, play time, and rest, alongside childcare, while the parents are away.

During the start of school, the teachers usually conduct a program, wherein a child needs to take part in respectfully. The guidance of parents will likewise help throughout the child’s behavior, making them proud at the same time.

Veravanich said that it is still okay to allow a child to be funny, small, all-boy; however, all the time respect is always required. Control is equally needed throughout their growth and development. The kindergarten teacher is now urging parents to mull over this issue over the summer season, allowing their children to develop, grow, and become mature parallel to their expectations, while the handfuls should be considered as part of the past.


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