Wizards' Russell Westbrook has popcorn Thrown Him on as he walks into locker room

Westbrook had to be hauled back by trainers and security from moving into racks

Wizards' Russell Westbrook has popcorn Thrown Him on as he walks into locker room

A fan at the Wells Fargo Center at Philadelphia on Wednesday night dumped popcorn Washington Wizards celebrity Russell Westbrook's mind as he was walking back into the locker room to tend to a injury during Game 2 of their group's matchup with the 76ers.

Westbrook was dealing with an ankle injury earlier in the match when he had been safeguarding Ben Simmons and struck the deck for a couple minutes. He siphoned off the ground and led back to the locker area.

As he was going back, a buff dumped popcorn onto his mind. Westbrook needed to be controlled by safety and coaches.

"I would not think of me on the road and toss popcorn in my mind, as you understand what happens. ... In such arenas, you have ta begin protecting the gamers. We are going to see exactly what the NBA does," he explained following the match.

NBA fans and players responded to the episode on social networking.

"This was classless, improper behaviour and we are not going to tolerate it in Wells Fargo Center. We are pleased to have the most ardent fans in the nation and the very best home-court and home-ice edge about, yet this kind of behaviour has no place in our stadium," Camillo said.

It is not initially Westbrook has needed to take care of unruly fan behavior.

A fan was taken out of the match for making an obscene gesture Westbrook. Throughout a match in Utah, Westbrook was likewise the topic of fan vitriol from the playoffs.

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