Why you should always stretch after a hardcore workout

We know how you’re always in a hurry to get over your workout and head out the door,

Why you should always stretch after a hardcore workout

We know how you’re always in a hurry to get over your workout and head out the door, after all the best part of a workout is when it’s finally over! Tell us if this sounds familiar; you hurry your way inside your gym and your instructor asks you to first warm-up! Ugh! You hate this and want to start with the actual nitty-gritty workout already because you need to get back to work as soon as possible.

Finally, when the workout is over you try to sneak away before you’re trainer calls you back to finish off properly with stretching! Well if this does sound familiar then for your sake we hope the trainer does call you back and asks you to finish your workout properly, the way that it is meant to be! And you will find out just why if you keep reading.

If you were ready to change into your workout clothes to hurry through your gym classes then stop and take time to read this article. You won’t be optimizing your time at the gym if you keep skipping your stretches!

Stretching is incredibly important for many reasons and should be incorporated in your entire workout just like warming up and cardio are included. Missing it or ignoring it on purpose can devoid you of a proper chance to enjoy and optimize your exercising routine. Read more for ways to perform even better and to learn more about how to maximize your performance

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Some of the benefits of stretching after a workout are:

1. Blood Circulation

After you have completed your workout your heartbeat will be very fast and if you immediately stop exercising your body will work harder to come to its normal heartbeat because every motion in your body has been stopped.

To cool down properly you should practice breathing so that the oxygen is divided equally and efficiently around your body. However, with that, it is recommended even more that you stretch. Stretching will mean your body is still in motion and it's expanding and contracting your muscles allowing them to come back to their original position.

This will gradually cool down your body, divide oxygen efficiently and allow you to relax properly, and end your workout on a proper note.

2. Flexibility

Stretching is always recommended to be done when your body is entirely warmed up because it is easier for the muscles to contract and expand with decreased chances of injuring your muscles.

Hence when you do stretch after a hardcore workout it will be ideal for you to do proper stretching because it will be most effective at that time and it will be considered effective if you desire to have flexible muscles.  

3. Releases Pain and Stiffness

We are sure you are familiar with that agonizing pain that settles in your muscles when you begin exercising.

That is lactic acid occupying your muscle mass, this acid causes soreness and pain in your body. When you stretch your muscles it relieves them of this acid and relaxes your muscles.

4. Gradually Cools Down the Body

Instead of coming to a stop immediately after a hardcore workout when your muscles are heated up, it is ideal and recommended by all experts and trainers that you should gradually cool down your body.

This is exactly what stretching allows you to do; it will gradually bring down your body temperature and place your muscles in their actual form.

5. Mentally prepares you for the end of the Workout

When you start your stretching and make this into a routine, your mind will gradually begin to realize when it’s time to cool down as you begin stretching.

It will signal your body to relax and cool down. This will build a mental connection with your physical body and help your mind to be aligned with your body.

6. Prepare for next Day

Concluding properly will allow your body to be prepared for the coming day. Your muscles will steadily start becoming more flexible and your performance will considerably improve. 

So for a better and efficient form, you should always begin and end your workout properly. Only then will you get the desired results.

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