Urban Meyer, Jaguars, apologizes for viral video: "It was stupid."

Urban Meyer, the Jacksonville Jaguars coach, apologized for appearing on a viral video that featured a woman dancing next to him. This led to speculation about his motives.

Urban Meyer, Jaguars, apologizes for viral video: "It was stupid."

Meyer was quizzed on Monday about the controversy and called his actions stupid.

"I have sincerely apologized to the team, the staff and for being a distraction. It was ridiculous. It was stupid. So I told everyone and took responsibility. It was ridiculous. He said it was stupid.

It was stupid. I should have left. I shouldn't have put myself in this kind of situation. He said, via The Athletic, "That's not me."

Meyer was seen sitting on a bar stool wearing a red Ohio State sweatshirt. Video appeared to show Meyer dancing with a woman in front. Meyer smiled as he snapped the photo with the woman. The video's date of capture is not known.

The Jaguars lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night. Meyer was a coach for the Buckeyes who won the victory over Rutgers.

Meyer is currently in his first season as a Jaguars coach. He left Ohio State to become a coach because of health reasons. In the offseason, Meyer became Jacksonville's coach.

He called Thursday's loss "heartbreaking"

The coach stated that it was heartbreaking and devastating after the game. Source: Pro Football Talk. "Normally, I don't think I'm wrong about stuff like this. I see a great team there. I see great guys with good hearts. I see men at work, and I told them that I was not wrong about this stuff. This team will win some games.

It's so heartbreaking. It's a sad locker room. We have to bring them back."

The Jaguars are currently 0-4 and have suffered 19 consecutive losses since last season.

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