The forward of Espanyol begins to be scary

Joselu Mato is already a new Espanyol player.

The forward of Espanyol begins to be scary

Joselu Mato is already a new Espanyol player. The striker arrives in Cornellá with the letter of freedom after ending his relationship with Alavés and has committed to the parakeet team until June 2025. The Catalan club has moved to get ahead of teams like Valencia or Celta, who were interested in the soccer player, who stands out for his aerial game. Trained in the academies of Celta and Real Madrid, he has played for Hoffenheim, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hannover, Stoke City, Deportivo de la Coruña, Newcastle and the aforementioned Alavés. Joselu does not arrive to replace RDT but to complement it. He is the second signing after Brian Oliván.

«Right now I am at a level of the best of my career. I have professional and family experience that makes me a very stable player. It is true that I have just had three very good seasons, but in the end I think that the years are numbers. Many top-level players are performing at a spectacular level, from the age of 30 many strikers are when they score the most goals », explained the attacker during his presentation. "I am where I want to be," he repeated on more than one occasion. «Everything has been very easy when joining here. From the first moment, the interest and the ease with which they told me things, the gratitude... They gave me great confidence. I have had quite a few offers and I have rejected a lot of money abroad », he has revealed.

Joselu and RDT will form one of the most powerful forwards in the League. «I coincided with him at Castilla, De Tomás was at Juvenil. We are completely different, we can combine very well. It is clear that you always want to surround yourself with the best and I think that, if he and I get together, the problem will be with the rival teams, "said Joselu, who continued talking about RDT:" Victories and goals is what we strikers want. Score goals and win. We are both forwards with very good numbers and those records for a club in the First Division are important. I consider myself a reference forward, to fix. I release a lot of load to the second tip, that's where I can refer to. I like being in the area, hunting balls there."