Tear gas used against Liverpool fans in the midst of CL final stadium chaos

Riot police used pepper spray and tear gas against Liverpool supporters who had to wait for long to enter the Champions League final.

Tear gas used against Liverpool fans in the midst of CL final stadium chaos

Riot police used pepper spray and tear gas against Liverpool supporters who had to wait for long to enter the Champions League final. This was due to security problems with frustrated crowds at Stade de France.

UEFA blamed thousands of fake ticket-buying fans for blocking the turnstiles after Liverpool lost the final game of the European season to Real Madrid 1-0. Liverpool expressed its disappointment at the security problems faced by its fans and said that organizers of the competition didn't identify their origin.

Angrily angry Liverpool fans were seen clinging to railings, shouting "Let's in!" We've got tickets."

Many fans attempted to enter the stadium by breaking through security. Two fans, one in Liverpool-themed attire, were wrestled by stewards to the ground and bundled out the gates by the Associated Press.

Three more people were also seen running through the concourse to the bottom of the stadium, evading the stewards. Others, in no apparent club clothing, instead climbed the fences as Liverpool fans shouted at them.

The final began despite fans still struggling to pass ticket checks. Riot police fired more tear gas from within the security perimeter at anyone outside of the fences. The eye-irritating chemicals caused police and stewards to fall to the ground was seen, with both officers and stewards being impacted.

Colm Lacey, a supporter, saw "children crying and people trapped" outside of the entrances.

Lacey stated that people started jumping in the queue and then they opened the gate. Then there was a push.

Announcing that there would be an interruption was made 15 minutes before kickoff at 9 p.m. (local time) blaming late arrivals of fans. The announcement was met with jeers in the stadium. This was because many fans had already waited for hours. The game finally started at 9.37 pm.

Angela Murphy, a Liverpool fan, told the AP that she and her family have been standing at the gate since 6:15. "I have really bad asthma, and I've been teargassed twice. "I'm really struggling."

Murphy answered, "Nothing. We're standing here." It was nothing. It was just horrendous. "We have been very well behaved."

To stop fans trying to force their way into the stadium, police officers ran from one gate to another with batons and riot guards. One officer fell to the ground, and was assisted by others. Multiple times, officers used tear gas against Liverpool fans.

After finally clearing security, one Liverpool fan kissed the ticket and gazed up at the sky.

Joe Moorcroft, a Liverpool supporter, complained about being treated as if he were an animal.

It's a shame. He said that we've seen it before and it poses a threat to our health. "We've seen it before and it's going back to happen again. It's all in my gut. They threw gas into the fans."

UEFA stated that it is "sympathetic" to the affected and announced an urgent review by French authorities and police, along with the French Football Federation.

"In the lead up to the game, the turnstiles in Liverpool ended became blocked by thousands and fans who bought fake tickets that did not work in turnstiles," UEFA stated in a statement.

"This caused a flurry of fans trying to gain entry. To allow as many people as possible to get in, kickoff was delayed for 35 minutes. After kickoff, crowds began to gather outside the stadium. The police used tear gas to disperse them and forced them out of the stadium.

Liverpool demands a formal investigation.

The club released a statement saying that they were deeply disappointed by the stadium entrance issues and the breach of security measures faced by Liverpool fans. "This match is the best in European football, and fans should not have to witness the scenes we witnessed tonight."

These scenes reminded me of the scene at Wembley Stadium in the days before last year's European Championship final. This was due in large part to England fans trying aggressively to get into their stadium for the Italy win.