Sportsbooks: Brady-Belichick showdown is the most heavily bet match

According to Sportsbooks, Sunday's matchup between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady is expected to be the most popular NFL game of the regular-season.

Sportsbooks: Brady-Belichick showdown is the most heavily bet match

Brady, six-time Super Bowl champ, will be returning to Gillette Stadium as a visiting player, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his defending champion, against the New England Patriots.

People are willing to risk everything for it.

Kevin Hennessy, FanDuel spokesperson, said that "We expect the game to be one of the most important games of the season." FanDuel customers have always loved Tom Brady. The Patriots were always a favorite team for betting and that popularity has transferred to the Bucs.

FanDuel , which is the official odds provider of The Associated Press, reports that 95% of all bets are placed on Tampa Bay to cover a 7-point spread. Other sportsbooks have reported similar lopsided betting on Brady and the Bucs and expect to see a flood of cash in the hour before kickoff Sunday night.

Wyatt Yearout, PointsBet's spokesperson, said that "It is safe to assume the book will be supporting the Patriots Sunday." It is expected to be the largest regular-season NFL game at PointsBet and it's not even close. It is the most bet-on game, and we haven’t even reached the weekend yet. This is when the majority of the action usually happens.

BetMGM Friday saw 92% of the money go to Tampa Bay, while Caesars Sportsbook saw 97%.

Brady was the Patriots' quarterback for his first 20 seasons. He then left to lead Tampa Bay to its Super Bowl victory. Sunday's game will be his first against his former team and coach.

Gamblers love the idea of retribution on both sides.

Johnny Avello is the head of DraftKings' sportsbook. "Brady wants us to prove that it was you, coach Belichick who made this team great for so long years or it was me," he said. Brady is motivated. There's also motivation from the other side. Mac Jones, (New England rookie quarterback), wants to prove he belongs and say, "Move over Brady, it's an entirely new era."

"Bettors also look to bet on alternate spreads in the hope that Brady will destroy his team and score more for Belichick," Craig Mucklow (Vice President of Trading at Caesars Sportsbook), said.

Colin Lynch, a Patriots longtime fan who lives in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), says that the Brady-Belichick angle is fascinating. He has placed several hundred dollars on New England and will closely monitor in-game betting opportunities for an even larger spread.

He said, "I hope that the game will give us the chance to see the chess match between these two." "Ideally, we have a tight game that has pressure situations and crucial decisions on both sides.

A number of proposition bets, also known as "props", are placed heavily in the game. They attempt to predict individual player performances.

What is the number of touchdown passes Brady will throw?

Rob Gronkowski, Brady's long-time tight end, will be able to catch the pass that sets Brady apart in the NFL's passing yardage record. Drew Brees is the only one who can surpass him.

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