Reasons abound for Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ struggles

KANSAS CITY MO. -- Just about everyone can have an opinion on Patrick Mahomes' performance.

Reasons abound for Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ struggles

KANSAS CITY MO. -- Just about everyone can have an opinion on Patrick Mahomes' performance.

He was a new father who was sleep-deprived and spent too much time on commercials and endorsements during the offseason. Instead of spending hours poring over game footage or studying the playbook after a humiliating Super Bowl loss, he was out and about, voyaging around the globe, meeting celebrities golfers, or even going to exotic locations.

What are the biggest causes? These reasons might be much simpler.

After the Tampa fiasco, the offensive line protecting Mahomes was completely rebuilt. Three of the starters from Week 1 had never seen a regular-season match. Mahomes' playmakers are not as potent. The schedule for the first seven weeks was brutal, and his only luck so far has been poor.

Mahomes doesn't want to be held responsible for anyone.

He said, "You can simply watch the tape and see that I need to play better in order to be successful." "There were times last week (against Tennessee) when we had guys open downfield and I couldn’t hit them. They believed in me and promised to help me improve. It's not possible to be at your best every week so you can count on the other guys to make plays for you.

They haven't quite succeeded so far.

Mahomes has had 14 sacks from his offensive line, which is more than any season except last year when the front was decimated due to injuries. This has caused Mahomes to rush throws and scramble from pocket to put him in danger. He also suffered a nasty blow to his head during the Titans game.

The Chiefs let Sammy Watkins, an injured player, leave free of charge. They have not yet found a No. Tyreek Hill will be Tyreek Hill's second wide receiver. Fifth-round pick Cornell Powell was removed before the season. Josh Gordon is trying learn enough of the playbook and will be playing alongside Tyreek Hill.

In fact, Byron Pringle, a former undrafted agent has been the most valuable pass catcher this season.

They are not only struggling to open the ball, but they are also not making good catches when they do. Hill, a normally confident player, is tied for second place in drops in the league this season. The Chiefs are just outside of the top 10, while Demarcus Robinson, the No. In snap count, Hill is the 2nd wide receiver. He has only caught 55% of the balls that were thrown at him.

Oh, and there have been three occasions when a pass bounced off of a target and was picked off.

It's no surprise that Mahomes, who had the league’s lowest interception rates last season, has already thrown nine interceptions. This is just two more than his total for the previous two seasons. His yards-per-attempt is the lowest of his career.

"Listen, things can happen in this business. Andy Reid, Chiefs coach, said that it's a fluid industry. You're bound to experience ups and downs. So you just keep at it. It will change if you are willing to tackle the issues.

Mahomes highlighted flaws in Mahomes' own fundamentals as the Chiefs walked onto the practice field Thursday for their first game against the Giants. He can get his footwork all wrong when he presses, and he can stay in the pocket for too long when trying to make a play.

This was evident in two first-half turnovers against Tennessee last week.

Mahomes was flushed out of the pocket on the first and had open field to his right. However, he decided to throw deep downfield to tighten coverage and was intercepted, when he could have picked up an initial down on the ground.

Mahomes was forced to run from the pocket again on the second and head to the open field to his left. After gaining the first down, Mahomes tried to grab another yard, but failed to tuck it and eventually lost the ball.

"He won't hide or shun anything. Reid stated that Reid is going to take on the problem and fix it. "We coaches are here for teaching; that's our job. We will give any guidance to him, or any player. All of us have to improve our game, coaches and players alike."

NOTES: DL Chris Jones was expelled from Thursday's practice due to personal reasons. ... LB Anthony Hitchens was still out due to a triceps injury. DT Khalen Sunders was unable to complete the workout due to swelling in his knee.