Milwaukee Bucks trade Donte diVincenzo to acquire Serge Ibaka and make Serge Ibaka available for the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Journal Sentinel confirmed that the trades were made as first reported by ESPN and The Athletic. 

Milwaukee Bucks trade Donte diVincenzo to acquire Serge Ibaka and make Serge Ibaka available for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ibaka is currently under contract for this season.

"We are excited about what Greg (Monroe), has done for us since he arrived, and obviously Serge Ibaka's resume is very impressive and he has played at an extremely high, high level," Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer stated. He's a great player who has played on many great teams. We feel he will really help us in many different ways."

The Bucks purchased two second-round picks: a 2023 selection in Detroit (the lesser pick via Golden State or Cleveland), and a 2024 selection in Sacramento (via Portland). The Clippers also gave the Bucks cash.

Detroit Free Press confirmed that Marvin Bagley Jr. was acquired by the Pistons and sent Trey Lyles, Josh Jackson and Josh Jackson to Kings.

The Bucks have now been able to move three players, and bring back one player and cash. They will be available for the free-agent market after the trade deadline.

The Bucks' acquisition of Ibaka provides them with another versatile, big defender and an offensive threat as they prepare for potential Eastern Conference playoff matchups.

The Bucks kow what Ibaka did against them in 2018-19 Eastern Conference finals. He helped Antetokounmpo "wall" Antetokounmpo on their way to a NBA title.

We are so happy to welcome Serge to our team. Budenholzer stated that it makes us more versatile. Giannis' versatility allows us to do many things with our bigs. Serge is versatile. Serge's ability move his feet, protect the rim, and do other things brings physicality to Brook and Bobby (Portis). We feel that we have many options and can take on different roles, as well as a variety of guys to play. So we're excited. We are very excited about it."

Ibaka's career stats for this season and throughout his career show impressive shot block numbers

Ibaka has been a 13-year NBA player and is a three time all-defensive player and two-time block champion. These are great attributes for Milwaukee.

Ibaka played 35 games for the Clippers this season, scoring an average of 6.6 points and 4.3 boards. He has averaged 12.3 point, 7.2 rebound, and 2.0 blocks in his career with the Clippers, Oklahoma City and Toronto.

For his entire career, he has also shot 51% overall and 36% behind the three-point line.

Budenholzer said, "We look forward getting him here." We don't have a Thursday game for three to four days, so we have some time to get him to Milwaukee and get him used to the system. We're sure he'll be ready to go as soon as possible. This is the best way to help him learn, grow, and become comfortable with us.

Ibaka played in 146 playoff matches (102 starts). Apart from his title win with the Raptors in 2011, Ibaka also played in the NBA Finals in 2011-12 with the Thunder and in the Western Conference finals in 2015-16 and 2013-14 with them.

Donte DiVincenzo traded to the Sacramento Kings

Long-rumored to be a trade target, DiVincenzo was reportedly a victim of a team dispute over a rookie extension. 

 DiVincenzo was able to play 17 games without a bench player, scoring an average of 7.2 points per game and taking about 20 minutes each game.

In 2018, DiVincenzo was a first-round selection out of Villanova. He averaged 8.8 points per game and 4.7 rebounds over 176 career games with Bucks.

Budenholzer stated, "Just great respect and just really really strong feelings about Donte, the player, Donte, the human." There's a reason he was drafted. He brings a lot of value to the table. To me, his competitiveness is what always stood out. He is a winner. He is a winner. That's what we have to replace, that toughness, rebounding from the guard position, and playmaking. He is a great player and a great person. Teammates love him, coaches love him.

"That's where the hard work begins. You get excited when you trade, but you also lose a player if you trade. We can hopefully find a way to replace Donte's contributions.

This is the second time that the Kings have made a move in order to purchase DiVincenzo.

The Bucks agreed to send DiVincenzo from the Bucks to the Kings in a sign and trade deal to acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic.

DiVincenzo was a starter in Milwaukee, and the Bucks were penalized with a 2022 second round pick. Bogdanovic signed in Atlanta.

Hood and Ojeleye were both veteran signings in this offseason, but they did not give the needed boost to the bench. Ojeleye suffered multiple calf injuries, and was forced to participate in league safety and health protocols. He has now played in 20 games.

Hood was unable to find his shooting touch after only 39 games. He made just 30% of his threes in 15 minutes.