Manchester United may have to follow Alexis Sanchez's plan to be tough with Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial was on loan at Sevilla this season, and he's expected to return to Man United this summer.

Manchester United may have to follow Alexis Sanchez's plan to be tough with Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial was on loan at Sevilla this season, and he's expected to return to Man United this summer.

Anthony Martial's January loan move from Manchester United in order to Sevilla seemed to be a good idea for everyone.

Martial wanted to leave Old Trafford, and Ralf Rangnick, the interim manager, had a heated argument with him. Martial's stock was never so low, and Sevilla's loan offered was an opportunity for him to rekindle his career in Spain.

Martial was not offered any suitable or concrete offers by United in January, which was no surprise. His record of injury and playing time in the Premier League was alarming. He had played barely 200 minutes since August. Martial was no longer a reliable striker but a marginal member of the squad. From eight seasons in Manchester, Martial has only enjoyed two good seasons.

Sevilla agreed that all the player's wages would be covered and the loan agreement was signed until the end. Although Martial's signing was considered a risky move by the Spanish side, it is clear that this gamble didn't pay off. Sevilla will be grateful they didn't accept a permanent deal.

Martial is not a good player when the chips are down. Martial was not able to cope with competition for places at United, and his character seems too fragile for adversity. Martial's arrival to Spain coincided with Sevilla's underperformance and he has been unable help his temporary club stop their slide. Martial is all too familiar with the effects of regression on his career.

In 11 appearances for Sevilla, the 26-year old has scored one goal and provided one assist. Martial is still one of United's highest-earning players. Sevilla may feel a little shortchanged for paying his wages considering his performances.

Martial is still recovering from an injury sustained in Sevilla. Martial, a United loanee, was unable to play in Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla games due to a muscular injury. The loan is also having the opposite effect. Martial's stock price is actually dropping.

Sevilla fans aren't ashamed to show their affection for him. They have now become frustrated and amused at the loss of their initial excitement about signing a player who could inspire them to win the La Liga title -- Sevilla was in contention for it in January -- instead of being excited about the prospect.

These emotions turned into anger when Martial was heckled by Sevilla fans after his performance against Barcelona. When asked by AS about the jeers, Lopetegui said that this is elite football. People are free to express themselves and feel what they want.

I have to support him in his pursuit of his highest potential. He is also a professional, and must do his part to adapt to our requests.

Martial will be returning to United at the close of the season, and he has a contract at Old Trafford through June 2024. You don't need to be a genius in order to see that it's problematic. Club's current contract policy is due to the departure of Ed Woodward, and Matt Judge.

Martial's loan move to Sevilla was intended to make him more attractive, but his reputation has plummeted yet again. That means that it will be difficult to convince any potential suitors to sign a permanent contract. Martial's high wages are only afforded by a handful of clubs, and those sides won't want a player who has seen his best years.

Martial's loan from Sevilla to Martial seemed to have worked for all parties. However, four months later his imminent return to United doesn't work either for the player or United. The end of what seemed to be a perfect marriage is now necessary. Martial was the envy of the entire world in 2015.

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