Mahomes endured a double-digit reduction for the first time in his profession

Patrick Mahomes' fiancée Brittany Matthews took shots at ESPN over photographs on the Provider's Twitter account revealing the Kansas City Chiefs appeared looking stunned during Super Bowl LV.

Mahomes endured a double-digit reduction for the first time in his profession

Mahomes could not get any offense going because he was being hurried on over fifty percent of those snaps he took at the surface of the ferocious Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defense. Tampa Bay won the match 31-9, handing Mahomes the very first double-digit reduction of his livelihood and hauling him without a touchdown pass for the first time because 2019.

Matthews, frustrated by the way in which the game was going, put a jab on ESPN's Twitter account.

"Cool ESPN, adore the aid of a significant sports platform for among the greatest players in the league," she wrote in 1 tweet.

She added:"Y’are [crap ] for this also, but he looks damn good to me"

Matthews tweeted her service for the Chiefs appeared since the clock struck triple zeroes in Tampa.

"Not the way we wanted it to finish, but 15 played out his heart and I am constantly and eternally proud of him in whatever he does! Now let us have a baby"

Mahomes completed 26-for-49 with 270 passing yards and 2 interceptions. This had been the first time since Week 4 of those 2019 year where Mahomes failed to throw a touchdown pass.

"They sort of took our heavy stuff, took the hive away and did a great job rallying into the soccer and making tackles. We were not implementing ancient, had a couple of miscues and we weren't on exactly the exact same page"

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