Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James Speaks Brooklyn Nets trio Before matchup

The Brooklyn Nets would be the NBA's most current superteam, an offensive juggernaut comprising two former MVPs at Kevin Durant and James Harden along with the proprietor of one of the greatest shots in NBA Finals history in Kyrie Irving, that also is widely regarded to have the very best handles the game has seen.

Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James Speaks Brooklyn Nets trio Before matchup

However, LeBron James was not prepared to announce the trio an extravagant outfit when requested about Brooklyn before this Los Angeles Lakers' first match against the new-look Nets on Thursday.

There you go ."

However, the many points Durant, Curry and Thompson ever averaged within their three seasons collectively was 75.8 per match in 2018-19.

Thursday's showdown will probably be overlooking some firepower. He'll see team physicians when the Lakers return home Wednesday.

"We will see how he reacts to therapy and reevaluate in a few weeks," Lakers coach Frank Vogel said Tuesday.

Nevertheless, James stated he's excited about viewing these Nets in person for the very first time.

"It is always exciting for me to go against some of the greatest men in the sport -- and they have three of these," he explained. "They have three of the greatest men in the sport. Definitely would like to be complete once you're playing against a team like this and watch, for example, at the point in the season, the best way to match up -- the way you match up against some of the greatest teams in the league. And, of course, we will not be complete on Thursday. However, besides that, yeah, I really like going out there and being out on the ground with a few of the very best to play with this sport "

He was part of the NBA's shiny new toy using all the LA Clippers last year, when the underachieving franchise included Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and eventually become instant favorites to win the title.

Maybe going through all that hype, simply to be a part of the Clippers' second-round playoff exit to the Denver Nuggets, educated Harrell the normal season is not necessarily the best index of postseason success.

"Frankly, I do not care," Harrell said. "We go into every game with a game program, understand offensively, defensively that which we would like to do so as to win this match, and that is likely to be the exact same thing we are going to get to do if we play Thursday.

"There is nothing no distinct. We are not circling this match. We are not putting any excess emphasis on such game. It is exactly like any other match -- we are taking it one match at one time. We are still studying, we are still growing and we are still building with each other, and we are gonna need to take action to a greater standard with losing our large pieces [in Davis]."

Nets head coach Steve Nash said his staff is fully conscious of the"huge challenge" that expects the Nets within their very first meeting with the Lakers.

"We all know they have around," he explained later Brooklyn's 128-124 triumph within the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night. "We all know how well they are trained and what they have managed to perform in the previous year or so. So it is a excellent test for us. You load up the guys and be prepared to go and attempt to keep getting better."

Nets guard James Harden needed a different take, saying that the team is much more concerned about advancing as a device than it's about its competitor, even if it's the Lakers.

"Obviously, offensively we are really, really excellent. Defensively, we are not so good," he explained. "So we must locate ways to become better in that class, which most of us understand. So we are working on this, and if it is the Lakers or some other group, that does not get us excited since we are working on ourselves, even if this is reasonable.

"Obviouslywe know that caliber of staff we are playing. But , the entire situation is, we're focusing on ourselves. So the Indianas and Sacramentos and Golden States and tonight in Phoenix -- some of these games we could have dropped and we could defeat the Lakers, and it just counts as a win and one loss"

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