Kyrie Irving reacts to James Harden's 7th triple-double since joining Brooklyn Nets: 'Get used to it'

Kyrie Irving reacts to James Harden's 7th triple-double since joining Brooklyn Nets: 'Get used to it'

Following James Harden captured his seventh triple-double considering linking the Brooklyn Nets at a 124-113 overtime win within the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night, his teammate Kyrie Irving did not bat an eyelash.

"We must implement the term'get used to it,'" Irving said with a grin.

It did not faze Irving that -- according to Elias Sports Bureau study -- Harden became the first player to record 30 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds without turnovers since human turnovers were tracked in 1977-78. Harden ended with 14 rebounds on the evening.

"When James has been James," Irving said,"it makes our task much simpler. And so we must get used to a person special like this, things such as that in relation to breaking documents. Therefore, I can not wait to be right with him, my title at Nets history -- and the men on our team where we are just breaking documents as a staff, then separately we are stacking up with a few of the finest to ever play"

"If I am the point guard," Harden said Monday,"along with my teammates and coaching team is providing me the obligation to manage the basketball, I must do a excellent job with my moves, making them exact rather than giving off points"

After going on a 10-0 run down the stretch Monday night, the Spurs managed to induce overtime on a buzzer-beater out of Dejounte Murray.

The Nets were up by double digits with just under four minutes remaining in regulation until they let the Spurs to begin. Harden said he had been delighted with the Nets refocused in overtime.

"We are picking up that, and we are finding ways to get better"

The Nets have one match remaining before the All-Star fracture -- contrary to the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. It is going to also be the first-time Harden faces off against his former group.

"We are eager to play basketball, return to where James had a fantastic career," Irving said. "Looking forward to the adventure, looking forward to getting fun. It is going to be extremely aggressive, a great deal of good players, no animosity about the courtroom: Simply greatness on screen."

Irving added:"Everyone in the home, love the game, there'll be no stress and no -- -speaking going on, on the court or roughly James in my existence or anyone else's existence. So we are coming to Houston, to appreciate the sport of basketball and play with it in a top level on behalf of James and the remaining men, because we know that it's a special night "

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