Kyle Trask describes Florida's QB as 'The LeBron James' of football

It is possible that Dan Mullen, the Florida head coach, has "the LeBron of football" on his team. Kyle Trask (ex-Quadback for Florida) says he does. Trask is referring to backup quarterback Anthony Richardson who excelled in short playing time behind Emory.

Kyle Trask describes Florida's QB as 'The LeBron James' of football

Richardson is well-known for his pregame flips, and lively arm. Trask has been drawn to Richardson. Richardson was praised by Trask during a telephone interview on Thursday with the Orlando Sentinel.

Trask stated, "I always like describing him as he's the LeBron James in football." I know he can do crazy dunks. He won the dunk contest his first semester at campus. It was easy to see his athleticism.

Trask refers to a viral video in which Trask, a 6-foot-4, 236-pounder, went into beast mode during a pick-up basketball game.

Richardson has been as explosive on the field this year, running for 300 yards in just 16 carries, for an impressive 18.8 yards per carry with two touchdowns and rushing for 300 yards. Richardson ran an 80-yard scamper in Florida's 42-20 win over USF Sept. 11.

Richardson ran 7 times for 267 yards that day. Many speculated that Richardson would replace Jones in Gainesville as quarterback, but Mullen repeatedly stated that Jones would continue to be the starter. Trask stated that Jones has his own skillset, but he would be happy to see both of them on the field more often.

Trask stated, "He's an extremely smart coach." "He's going find the best way for this team win, whatever it may be."

Richardson will likely see more playing time after he has fully recovered from the hamstring injury that kept Richardson out of two games. Florida came off a defeat at Kentucky of 20-13 on Saturday, but will be back in action this weekend against Vanderbilt.

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