Enes Kanter sets Portland Trail Blazers' record with 30 rebounds in win over Detroit Pistons

Enes Kanter sets Portland Trail Blazers' record with 30 rebounds in win over Detroit Pistons

PORTLAND, Ore. -- With each rebound that Enes Kanter added into his newest Portland Trail Blazers record, his teammates on the bench wildly cheered.

Kanter had 24 points along with a franchise-record 30 rebounds, and the Blazers beat the Detroit Pistons 118-103 on Saturday night.

Kanter is the fourth largest participant with 30 rebounds in a game in the past 20 seasons, linking Dwight Howard at 2018, Andrew Bynum in 2012 and Kevin Love in 2011.

Kanter also surpassed his own career high of 26 set while he played for the New York Knicks at 2018.

The raucous sideline cheers have been a fitting tribute to Kanter, who has served as a backup and a starter this season, as needed.

"I was so happy when I looked at the seat and everybody turned up, everyone was cheering, everyone was smiling, everybody was encouraging their teammates. That is what we're all about," Kanter said. "That is what Blazers basketball is all about, just encouraging each other."

Starting center Jusuf Nurkic was not available for the Blazers since it was the first game of a back-to-back. Nurkic had knee swelling which kept him out of a game earlier this week in the LA Clippers.

Blazers coach Terry Stotts mentioned before Saturday's competition that Nurkic would be available for Sunday night's match at home against the Miami Heat. Kanter started in his place Saturday night.

"When you look at the effort it takes to rebound, the persistence at both ends, the beating that you have to take, all of those things are tough to do," Stotts said. "Along with the fact that Enes is such a great guy -- you can tell by the seat's reaction, how joyful the team was for him but to get a rebound record speaks a good deal about the person's drive and will."

After the match, Stotts was asked whether he would consider starting Kanter, awarded Nurkic's problem with his or her knee. Stotts said he'd consider it.

"I really don't know what Nurk's minute restrictions are going to be [Sunday]," Stotts said. "If Nurk has been at a 20-minute limit, I think that it's something I'd consider."

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