Emmitt Smith rips'ultra-sensitive' Florida Soccer players:'Men are getting off with mediocracy'

The Florida alum created an appearance on Morten Andersen's'Great Dane Country' podcast and spoke about what the group needs to do so as to achieve better

Emmitt Smith rips'ultra-sensitive' Florida Soccer players:'Men are getting off with mediocracy'

Florida earned a place in the Cotton Bowl, in which it happened on No. 6 Oklahoma, but the Sooners pulled a 55-20 success over the Gators, who had been without 17 players because of COVID-19 protocols.

Smith made an appearance on Morten Andersen's"Great Dane Country " podcast and spoke about just what the team must do so as to grow.

"There is not an offensive problem, but it has been a defensive matter. The difficulty that I am having with soccer now is, it has been watered down, and men are getting off with mediocracy. Children do not understand how to handle, but they do not understand how to operate, and also the whole entire country is now ultra-sensitive."

He had been a first-round choice in the 1990 NFL Draft after spending three years in Florida. Smith piled up 3,928 racing yards with 56 TDs, including a stunning 1,599-yard effort with 14 scores in 1989 prior to declaring for the NFL.

Does Smith believe that the whole nation has come"ultra-sensitive," but he considers the country has approved mediocracy, and"nobody actually is trying to make the best-in-class criteria for another."

"When we struggle individuals nowadays, all of them get offended since they have been contested. ... They need what another person gets, but they are not eager to undergo what that individual experienced to do it.

"When I look at down our defense in the University of Florida, I find men which are extremely large, gifted, but possess a work ethic just like a kid. They are young children, and you also expect them to become somewhat immature, however you need them to develop into a degree of maturity. Just like a Jalen Hurts for instance. How he handled himself Alabama when Tua [Tagovailoa] arrived . ... He treated himself like a real, authentic professional.

"I love it when you see children like this," Smith continued. "They do not bicker, they move about their company, they nevertheless become leaders, then he makes a decision subsequently to move for his very best attention to Oklahoma, and it worked out perfectly. ... I believe for the University of Florida to actually reach where we want to go, we must construct that psychological strength with our front-5 offensively, and our front-7 defensively, so as to compete and cope with the Alabamas of their planet. And before that happens, I really don't know when we will win another SEC Championship. We'll be aggressive, but will we be notable?

"Could we emotionally tap in these young children and draw the best out of these? Plus it requires training to perform that. Plus it needs players to be eager to be challenged, to be pushed, but to be honored."

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