Diego Maradona Passing Stunt Results in arrests of 7 people: report

Maradona expired in November from what officials said was heart failure

Diego Maradona Passing Stunt Results in arrests of 7 people: report

An investigation into the death of Diego Maradona allegedly resulted in the arrests of seven individuals involved in the Argentine soccer legend's last few weeks of existence.

Maradona died of heart failure in November about two weeks after undergoing brain surgery. He was 60. Authorities in San Isidro, Argentina, made the statement.

Leopoldo Luque, who conducted the brain operation on Maradona, and psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov were among those charged with"simple homicide with eventual purpose," ESPN reported Thursday. Additionally, two nurses, a nurse coordinator, a physician and a psychologist will also be facing charges.

Both medical professionals denied wrongdoing.

A medical report on the death of Maradona was given to prosecutors earlier this month. The report said the soccer superstar agonized for more than 12 hours and did not receive adequate treatment. Furthermore, the report said Maradona could still be alive if he was properly hospitalized.

The report was worked on for about two months and was written by over 20 doctors. It stated the"patient's signals of danger of life were ignored" and that Maradona"showed unequivocal signs of a prolonged agony period" for at least 12 hours.

Those detained in the case are set to testify on May 31.

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