Chiefs' Tyreek Hill explains shoving assistant coach during playoff game

Hill created a few crucial plays in the triumph

Chiefs' Tyreek Hill explains shoving assistant coach during playoff game

Tyreek Hill raised eyebrows Sunday when he had been spotted pushing helper coach Greg Lewis through the Kansas City Chiefs' playoff win against the Cleveland Browns.

There was not any escalation after the push, but many on social media were quick to criticize the wide receiver because of his activities. On Wednesday, Hill was asked about the incident.

"It's only my energy level," he explained to reporters. "I feel like I play the game with this much passion. Not only me, but we put a lot into this game. I come off the sideline fired up and I simply give my mentor a push. That's only me and my character, man. I'm only fired up and pleased to be in the NFL and also to be part of this great organization. We couldn't get this Tweet.

"A lot of individuals view it as me being a hothead on the sideline or being a diva. It was not like that," he continued. "I was only fired up and wanting to provide the guys energy. I wish everyone would've just thought about it. If I were to really have pushed my coach, everyone would have been holding me back. It was only us being fired up, laughing, giggling. We are just enjoying each other. That is all it had been."

He also caught the pass from Chad Henne that sealed the game.

Kansas City defeated Cleveland, 22-17.

The Chiefs will perform with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship on Sunday.

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