Bills' Cole Beasley, who calls out his fans for booing the vaccine stance and gets into a Twitter spat with Mark Cuban

According to Cole Beasley, wideout Cole Beasley, the Buffalo Bills dominated Houston Texans Sunday afternoon. But you may not have realized that chants were being sounded by the crowd.

Bills' Cole Beasley, who calls out his fans for booing the vaccine stance and gets into a Twitter spat with Mark Cuban

Beasley took to twitter to complain about the booing he received from his COVID-19 stance.

His tweet stated, "Only place that I get booed is at home stadium." "Then, some of the same people ask me to sign autographs and take photos. Bills fans are the best in the entire world, I thought. They went where? "Why should vaxxed persons be protected from unvaxxed if the vaccine works?"

This veteran wide receiver is known for being vocal about the league's vaccination policy. He released a series tweets over the summer and issued a statement specifically criticizing the NFL's testing procedures to determine whether players are vaccinated or not.

Beasley responded to Twitter users who suggested that the fans were cheering for him, not booing.

"Some are. "Some are.

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, previously stated he would purchase stock in one vaccine maker if Beasley received the shot. He then took issue with Beasley’s "logic" about not getting the vaccine.

"I didn’t get it because I don’t need it." Is there another explanation? Beasley stated. "It is the fact that I have to justify my choice. That's the problem. This is the entire point. There are different risks for each person.

Cuban countered that, while the decision is his business, businesses also have the rights to establish guidelines to protect themselves. This refers to the NFL's COVID policy.

"I understand that businesses will do whatever it takes to protect their money. Beasley responded, "But like you said. I wish they would just label it that instead pretending it's safety." "Maybe then the narrative that unvaxxed people are selfish a-h ---- would go away, and we could be united again instead of being divided."

Cuban supported his argument, calling it "good business", and saying that Beasley can choose to disagree. Beasley retorted, saying that a mandate was not a real choice.

They can choose to leave the job, but it is not guaranteed that they will find another job. They may feel better if you say they have a choice, but that is not true of them.

Jon Feliciano, the Bills' guard, tweeted Beasley's defense. He claimed that Beasley stopped signing autographs after the game and was then targeted by fans when he left the stadium.

The Bills made it clear that everyone who attends home games will need to present proof of vaccinations if they are over 12.

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