Authorities report Shows no Apparent motive for shooting Between ex-NFL Participant Phillip Adams

Authorities report Shows no Apparent motive for shooting Between ex-NFL Participant Phillip Adams

ROCK HILL, S.C. -- The authorities report on a week's mass shooting between former NFL cornerback Phillip Adams showed little rationale to what directed the Rock Hill native to kill six people and then himself.

Based on officer Kyle Merck's recount of what occurred from among those victims, who had been still alive and awake in the scene with numerous gunshot wounds, a"black man" emerged from the forests round the Marshall Road house sporting a black hoodie, camouflage pants and"fire"

The victim, Robert Shook, among 2 HVAC technicians working in the house,"then said the defendant went to the home, then abandoned and went straight back through the forests how he arrived."

Robert Lesslie along with his wife and wife were found dead in the home.

The report stated during the first investigation Adams was identified as the defendant. Police then went to Adams' house a quarter of a mile off.

"Upon making entrance to the house, Phillip Matthews Adams (DOB 7/20/1988) was situated in his bedroom dead from a gunshot wound," the report stated.

The kind of gun used in the shooting wasn't recorded in the report.

The Lesslies were also laid to rest in a service in West End Baptist Church in Rock Hill on Wednesday. Adams has been laid to rest on Thursday following a private ceremony for family members in Robinson Funeral Home.

People who grew up in the area together with Adams reported the shooting didn't match the person they understood. A few of the people who attended a screening of Adams after Thursday afternoon continued to search for answers.

"A lot people believe perhaps the concussions had something to do with it and that he went off. It is unusual for him only to go in that physician's home and do this. Nobody knows which kind of connection he had with the physician.

"It is really challenging."

Adams endured two famous concussions throughout his NFL career with six teams later San Francisco chose him in the seventh round in 2010. Included in this autopsy, his mind is going to be assessed for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative illness which could result in cognitive disorders and other difficulties.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's department said the investigation is continuing and more info would be published at the right moment.

"We know there is a enormous number of public attention in this situation and we'll release additional details when this launch won't affect our capacity to explore such crimes," the authorities said in a note under the report.