Attorney States'Some allegation' Which Deshaun Watson forced a Girl to commit a sexual Activity'is completely Untrue'

Attorney States'Some allegation' Which Deshaun Watson forced a Girl to commit a sexual Activity'is completely Untrue'

Hardin added that he considers"any allegation which Deshaun forced a girl to commit a sexual activity is totally false."

There are now 14 suits filed by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee contrary to Watson alleging sexual attack and improper conduct. The 14th litigation was filed Monday night and seemed on the Harris County District Clerk's site on Tuesday morning.

In his announcement Tuesday, Hardin explained that Buzbee has"orchestrated a circus-like air using social media to market 14'Jane Doe' suits," and the attorney has denied Hardin's asks"to confidentially provide the titles of the plaintiffs therefore that we could fully explore their promises."

Concerning the case which has been singled out by Hardin in his announcement, Watson's lawyer released a signed affidavit by Watson's marketing director, Bryan Burney. In that announcement, Burney stated he talked with an individual that he thinks is that the plaintiff at the next instance filed from Buzbee.

The litigation declared insists that Watson delivered an immediate message to the prosecution over Instagram and later scheduled a massage for Dec. 28, 2020, in an office building in Houston.

After leaving the room, the massage therapist stated she returned to locate Watson lying on the massage table onto his belly with only a little towel covering his buttocks. She explained that when Watson turned over midway during the massage, then he"got more competitive, harshly telling her to move her hands down to his pubic region."

The plaintiff alleges that she felt"intimidated and threatened" and"was fearful of what somebody else like Watson can do if she didn't submit to his needs." She states in the suit that Watson made it clear, repeatedly, he could"help, or harm, her livelihood." The suit alleges that Watson compelled the girl into oral sex and states that she"didn't agree."

Burney stated in the announcement that the girl said she wished to be compensated $30,000"for that which she called'indefinite silence' about her experience with Deshaun." Burney stated in the announcement that the girl told him it had been"a consensual encounter."

Within an Instagram article Saturday, Buzbee stated he'd submit affidavits and evidence by many girls to the Houston Police Department and the Houston district lawyer Monday morning.

"It might be improper for the District Attorney's Office to remark on a civil litigation, and we refrain from openly discussing allegations in any subject until and when a criminal complaint is registered; we do so out of fairness to all," Schiller said in a statement.

Last week, NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy stated"that the matter is under inspection" regarding the league's personal conduct policy, along with the Texans explained in an announcement they would remain in touch with the NFL through its own investigation.