AP Top 25 Takeaways: Mullen faces scrutiny; No. 2 Iowa upset

The Southeastern Conference has a rotating coach.

AP Top 25 Takeaways: Mullen faces scrutiny; No. 2 Iowa upset

The Southeastern Conference has a rotating coach.

Welcome, Dan Mullen.

After the 20th-ranked Gators lost against LSU, last week's coach in-big-trouble Ed Orgeron, Florida's man had to explain a lot.

The rivalry between Florida and LSU often turns toward the absurd. It was actually last season's win decided by a throw shoe, which seemed to have caused the sudden drop in confidence among Gators fans and their fourth-year coach.

LSU (3-3) ended a losing streak of two games and hammered the Gators on their turf. The Tigers ran almost twice as many yards (321 by Tyrion Davis Price and 287 by Tyrion Price) than they did in all three of their previous games (327).

Florida fans were frustrated with Todd Grantham, the defensive coordinator for Florida. But Mullen stood by Grantham as one of the highest-paid assistant coaches.

Mullen said that he doesn't like jumping to conclusions when asked about the possibility for an in-season shift. I like facts."

Even though the Gators defense performed poorly Saturday, there was much talk about Mullen's speciality.

Why is it taking so long for Mullen's offense to be handed over to Anthony Richardson. In the second half, the freshman rallied the Gators' but the damage done to the defense was too great to overcome. Richardson completed three touchdown passes, ran for a touchdown and threw two interceptions.

Richardson has been the Gators' most skilled quarterback since the beginning of the season. However, a hamstring injury prevented Richardson from playing in the close loss to Alabama last month. Although he was able to play in the loss to Kentucky, he only ran five times and threw one pass. The Gators scored 13 points to Emory Jones' relief.

"I love everyone labeling people. Mullen spoke highly of Richardson, describing him as a young quarterback who is still learning and developing. He's happy with that label.

Florida is now a disappointing 6-6 against Power Five opponents, starting with the loss to LSU last season. It includes victories against Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and two games against Alabama in the SEC championship.

Mullen is not going to be a better place because of Georgia's rise to the juggernaut.

He is still 33-13 at Florida and has made three New Year's Six Bowls appearances. Even if the Gators (3-3) fall to 7-5, Mullen is likely to be fine.

Two other coaches from programs with national championship pedigree find the situation more complicated.

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