«Akelarre», «Marmotinha», «Kohen» y «Biobizz» made the I Trofeo Engel

The 1st Engel Trophy.

«Akelarre», «Marmotinha», «Kohen» y «Biobizz» made the I Trofeo Engel

The 1st Engel Trophy

The crews, with this type of event such as the I Engel Trophy

Finally, Akelarre won, which was in the absolute classification ahead of Maitena, Despenada, Symphony, Rat Pack, Tchin Tchin, Modark and Thelonius, who followed them in the classification. Already in Cruise I, Koldo Báez's Marmotinha was the first after all the development of the Trophy, with the Nexus in second place and the Turi in third. In Cruise II, first place was taken by the main favourite, Juan Carlos Estefanía's Kohen, with Jairo López de Guevara's Ramper in second place and Emilu in third. The last test, of 12 miles, began with a wind from the southwest to change to a northwesterly wind of up to 20 knots with the arrival of a gale.

On the other hand, José Azqueta's Biobizz, which is this weekend in the Copa España in Santander, was first overall despite not competing among the J80 division monotypes. He finished two points ahead of Pablo Gomeza's Obelix, who won the last three rounds of the I Engel Trophy