After two losing seasons, Mets reject Luis Rojas' 2022 contract

Luis Rojas has left New York after two long years.

After two losing seasons, Mets reject Luis Rojas' 2022 contract

After a disappointing season, the Mets rejected Rojas' 2022 contract. In Steve Cohen's first year as owner, the club placed third in the National League East. It had a record of 77-85.

Rojas released a statement saying that he wanted to express his gratitude to the Mets for his work as manager over the past two seasons and for 16 years of service in various roles. We live in a results-oriented industry and I am deeply disappointed that we failed to reach our goals this year.

Rojas was given the opportunity to remain with the team, but it is not yet clear what his role will be. According to the Mets, decisions about the coaching staff will be made in the coming days.

Sandy Alderson, team president, stated that the entire Mets organization was grateful for Luis' dedication and devotion over the past two seasons as manager. He has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to the Mets throughout many years, in multiple capacities. We feel that a change in this situation is necessary, even though these decisions are not always easy.

New York lost its fourth consecutive losing season in five seasons, and it was the 10th time in 13 seasons. In the past 15 years, the Mets have reached the playoffs twice and advanced to the World Series in 2015.

Rojas turned 40 in September 2007. He has been with the Mets since 2007, and was a minor league manager for eight years. Rojas is the son ex-sailor Felipe Alou of the Montreal Expos and San Francisco Giants, as well as the brother of Moises Alou, an ex-big league outfielder.

Rojas stated last week that he enjoyed his time as manager over the past two years. It's been great fun working with the guys, connecting with them, and preparing. We haven’t been able to reach the goals we set out for."

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