AFCON score: Senegal defeats Egypt to win the first title. Sadio Mane wins penalty kick

After missing a penalty kick during the first half, Mane won the game for the winner

AFCON score: Senegal defeats Egypt to win the first title. Sadio Mane wins penalty kick

Sadio Mane's penalty kick won Senegal their first Africa Cup of Nations title against Egypt. After the 90 minutes of regulation, and 30 minutes of additional time, both sides failed to score, Senegal won the penalty shootout 4-2. Senegal was put in a difficult position by Mane's first penalty miss in the second half. However, Mane's confident finish secured their AFCON title.

A preview of the clash between these two sides, as only one will qualify to play at the World Cup, Senegal won from kickoff. However, they were unable to win due to Mohamed Abougabal's excellent goalkeeping. He finished with eight saves and had another strong performance.

Six minutes into the match, Senegal believed they had an opener through Mane when Mohamed Abdelmonem fouled Saliou Ziss in his box. However, Mane missed his penalty. Following the match, Mohamed Salah, Mane's Liverpool star teammate, was seen talking to Abougabal. He likely gave information on where Mane would shoot it.

Senegal dominated the match, creating opportunities from all sides but couldn't get the final touch. This wasn't a major concern as Idrissa Gueye was stopping Egypt's attacks from all over the park. But Senegal couldn’t capitalize. Although a triple substitution from Egypt in the 58th minutes would have changed the flow of the game, it didn't provide enough to beat Edouard Mendy, Senegal's keeper.

As Abdelmonem continued his horror show, the match ended in a penalty shootout. Abougabal saved Bouna Sarr's life when he missed his penalty. Mendy made a great save on Mohanad Lasheen’s penalty take, before Mane's confident finish sealed the win for Senegal.

We're headed to a penalty shootout!

This AFCON final was a great spectacle, but Sadio Mane's missed penalty is a big disappointment. This is a match of titans against a keeper who has been in good form.

Salah had a chance, but it was canceled

Senegal's rock, Koulibaly, has been an anchor as he removes Salah to limit the danger. Senegal has another chance to save its bacon as penalties seem more likely each second. Everyone is losing steam.

The first period of additional time has ended

Egypt was able to score more goals, but Senegal is not keen on penalties. As the match goes on, Gabaski looks unbeatable in net. Sadio Mane seems to be running out of gas. He is ready for a shootout.

As the game drags on, tired legs take hold

Fathy is now subbed off, after his fouling that should have seen him sent off. Trezeguet has an Egyptian goal chance, but it isn't strong enough to make things easy for Mendy. Ciss gives Senegal another chance and saves Egypt, but eventually one must go in.

Senegal offers an exceptional chance to extend its time

Abou Gabal was the one to stop Ahmadou Bamba Dieng's great chance. Now, he has six saves.

We are going to take extra time!

Although it's not clear why the game is still scoreless, the pressure will increase as we get closer to extra time. Egypt was in the same situation three times during knockout stages, so they will be prepared.

Ciss is a ferocious runner down the sideline, but can't score the ball.

Zizo has been a great addition to the team. He delivers on both the offensive and defensive ends, helping Egypt keep its hopes alive until regulation expires.