YouStar is said to have molested several minors and Netflix remain silent | series

A "You - You're gonna love me"Star is accused by several women to have you as minors molested. Netflix did not comment on this so far. a few days Ago, sever

YouStar is said to have molested several minors and Netflix remain silent | series

A "You - You're gonna love me"Star is accused by several women to have you as minors molested. Netflix did not comment on this so far.

a few days Ago, several women Screenshots published of news, in which "You - You're gonna love me"-Star Chris D'elia , you will be harassed. Some of the victims were not even of full age. the Netflix is silent so far, to the serious allegations.

After the Flare-up of the #metoo-debate several years ago, Express is still a lot of Harassment and abuse-victims publicly about their terrible experiences. Occasionally those crimes by Celebrities from, like in the case of the Twitter user Simoné Rossi. She was a few days ago, the first one, love your negative experiences with "You - You're me"-actor and comedian Chris D'elia online informed. Shortly thereafter, other women followed, the particulars to be in some cases even as a minor of D'elia harassed her.

"You - You're gonna love me"-Star Chris D'elia, discusses the serious harassment allegations

Spoiler : D'elia took over in the 2nd Season of the Netflix-series "You - You're gonna love me"* the role of Henderson , a comedian, the use of knockout drops to minors goes. It seems to be a macabre coincidence that he got that particular role. Or was it even on purpose? the Simoné Rossi does not in any case of an unfortunate accident. On Twitter she describes in several Tweets her anger and disappointment about your experience with D'elia. This have contacted you several years ago online when she was just 16 years old. He asked her to meet with her to "her making out" . Screenshots of this conversation, the Twitter user shared with the Public:

you didn't Hit, fortunately, with the then 30-year-old D'elia, after they had to this time, a friend. You would not have been in a relationship, it would be gone but maybe different , admits it himself.

The Los Angeles Times reported of a woman, Julia Holtzman, the minimum age similar messages from D'elia: "It was clear to see that I was only in High School. I have pictures of my 16. Birthday published as well as photos, when I was Playing Football." The actor was able to estimate her age, gave her but still his phone number to meet with her. the , Fortunately, they rejected also .

in addition to Rossi and Holtzman should be more women go Public. The owner of the Twitter Accounts SheRatesDogs , which gets regular Screenshots of offending Online conversations, and online, even reported to have already hundreds of women to messages about D'elia received. Many of these languages are more than just harassment .

And what the actor himself says about all this? Compared to the magazine TMZ, he gave the following Statement: "I know that I have said during my career and done some things that people have to get hurt. However, I have never knowingly underage girls started . All my relationships were legal and consensual and I have never met with the people now to write about me on Twitter, or pictures exchanged. In this sense, all I'm incredibly sorry. I was a stupid guy who had lost absolutely in his own life-style. This is my fault. I confess to the. I've been thinking about everything for a very long time, and I promise to improve myself more."

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in Spite of serious allegations of "You - You're gonna love me"-Star: Netflix is silent so far

The allegations have already consequences of: D'Elias, the Agent and the Manager have decided not to work for him . Also, "You - You're gonna love me"-starring Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg), reported to the Los Angeles Times to say: "The idea that a series such as ours is indirectly and unknowingly, a point of contact for people who harass others, is disturbing. It is very disturbing."

Netflix*, however, has not commented publicly on the subject. Badgley revealed, however, that the producers already applied to the 17-year-old actress Jenna Ortega , which had in the series, some common scenes with D'elia. The creators "wanted to make sure that she feels safe," explains the actor.

+ actress Jenna Ortega (right) was seen in some of the scenes with Chris D'elia.©Beth Dubber/Netflix

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