Yogurt cake: This simple recipe takes only a few minutes | enjoyment

Yogurt cake: This simple recipe takes only a few minutes | enjoyment

you have a lot of time and when baking is often something? This simple yogurt cake recipe is the Right one, if it needs to go quickly.

jaw not all people and many do not want to stand too long in the kitchen. When a quick Dessert is a must, this is the yogurt cake recipe the ideal solution - also for Back-muffle. In addition, the cake is very low calorie .

The Problem is likely to be known to many people: in the Short term, has announced visit, which must be supplied with food and drink. In the fridge, no cake is ready, you can serve the guests. the What to do? a Lot of choose in such a Situation, the supermarket to buy a baking mix , because the usually go quickly and are also usually quite good.

But there is another way : With just a few ingredients, you can conjure up within a very short time a delicious yogurt cake . The also has two further advantages: It is low calorie and easy bake .

yogurt baking a cake: the ingredients you need

cake recipes, the promise of low manufacturing and Back - time there are many - such as, for example, the recipe for this delicious eggnog cake*. The presented in this article is yogurt cake , however, has a peculiarity: Butter and flour it doesn't take. Those who want to save even more calories, replace the required sugar with substitutes - such as friend* is recommended.

All the ingredients for the yogurt cake:

4 eggs*, size M, 70 g of sugar, (alternative sugar substitutes such as xylitol use) 350 g yoghurt 40 g, pudding powder, Lemon zest and vanilla pods-Mark (alternatively, for example, vanilla extract-use) 1 TSP baking powder

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how to make your own yogurt cake quick and easy

first, Make sure that the oven to 170 degrees top and bottom heat to be running hot. Then prepare a Springform pan of your choice, by hand with the Butter best and, where appropriate, of bread crumbs on the layer of fat disperse. As a result, the cake will be easier later. Alternatively, you can lay out in the Form of parchment paper . You can separate the yolk and protein . The yolk of the egg mixed with the sugar and then, together with the yogurt, the vanilla extract and the lemon in a bowl. Add the mixture to the Baking and pudding powder. You have to beat egg whites the egg whites and stir it well. You give the mass into your Springform pan and make the cake for 30 minutes in your oven .

tip : Depending on your personal preferences, you can distribute on the cake a good dusting of icing sugar or glaze.

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