Weather in Germany: Official warning to a Red alert - KATWARN triggered | world

weather in Germany, The DWD has issued on Saturday for various regions of a warning. The weather forecasts for Germany in the Overview. Of father's day and as

Weather in Germany: Official warning to a Red alert - KATWARN triggered | world

weather in Germany, The DWD has issued on Saturday for various regions of a warning. The weather forecasts for Germany in the Overview.

Of father's day and ascension has enchanted the most parts of Germany, with a pleasant temperature and solar radiation . On weekend , it cools down significantly. The weather Outlook* for Germany, in our News Ticker.

Update from 23. May 2020, 16.04 PM: The Region of Munich is now "only" still in the alert level to Yellow because of a wind gust alarm to 18 hours. However, in the Southeast of Bavaria, is colored red. The warning applies to the area of Rosenheim and is valid till 17 o'clock.

+ The alert map for the South-East of Bavaria against 16.05 PM.©Screenshot DWD

Update from 23. May 2020, 15.10 clock:

Meanwhile, the red warning extends to the South of Munich up to the border to Austria. For the district of Mies Bach it is now called, for example:

Official severe weather warning-SEVERE THUNDERSTORM with HURRICANE-force winds, HEAVY rain and HAIL, Sa, 23. May, 15:08 – 16:00 clock

From the West to pull local Thunderstorms. There are Gale-force gusts with speeds of up to 110 km/h (31m/s, 60kn, Bft 11) and a heavy heavy rain with rainfall amounts up to 30 l/m2 in a short time, and hail, with grain sizes around 3 cm.

Update from 23. May 2020, 15.03 PM: The warning was extended from the DWD. In addition to a Region South of Munich in the district of Landshut, as well as regions is to the West and East of it are in red. The extent to which their Region is affected, you can see here on the alert map of the DWD.

Update from 23. May 2020, 14.40 PM: Within a short period of time, the official warning for the Region has been exacerbated in the South of Munich - here is an Official severe weather warning-severe Thunderstorm with Hurricane-force winds now. This is from 14.40 to 16 hours.

+ The alert map for Germany at 14.45. Especially in the South of Munich it is probably uncomfortable.©DWD

According to was triggered in different regions KATWARN.

weather in Germany: Official warning for today - Munich affected

Update from 23. May 2020, 13.30 p.m.: the sunshine or, however, rain ? This weekend holds some of the weather Surprises. Is: It is anything other than an early summer pleasant. According to the German weather service (DWD) extends in the direction of southern Germany, rain in the South East of strong Storm in addition, part - even storm are possible. In addition, the DWD issued an official warning against gusts of wind. This is valid from 15 to 18 PM in the southern part of Bavaria, Munich is surrounded by this warning. In addition, an official warning of strong Thunderstorms was also published for southern Bavaria. According to the warnings, up to 80 km/h, as well as "heavy rain with precipitation amounts of up to 15 l/m2 per hour and small-grained hail are then gusts of wind with speed" possible. And: "In close proximity, as well as in exposed locations is to be expected with severe storms up to 90 km/h".

reason for the changeable weather, the cold front of a Storm to the North-West of Scotland, the cross, according to the DWD already in the North of Germany. A surge of heated polar air follows the cold air.

in Addition, Storm can drag on for Germany. This shows a graph of the DWD announced on Twitter. In the South, a single strong Thunderstorms are "possible severe weather danger!". In the foothills of the Alps, there can be storms and even strong with hail and gusts of wind. Also in the North, showers with short storms with sleet and strong to stormy gusts are possible. In the night of Sunday the Thunderstorm pull the latest again.

initial meld of 22. May 2020: weather in Germany: a drop in temperature! The weather is turning cold snap

Munich - The weather on father's day left nothing to be desired. In most Parts of Germany, the weather enchanted beams with lots of sun and pleasant temperatures. On the weekend it should cool down now but clearly.

weather in Germany: forecast for Friday - Hammer-prospects

on Friday it should come to the German weather service (DWD) , in the North-West to precipitation and even some Thunderstorms can also play a role. Towards the evening, this will also spread to the East, and the middle of Germany. In the South, however, it should be in the second half of the day continued mostly dry and cloudy. The maximum values in the North and in the East are still at a comfortable 20 to 25 degree. In the South and southwest, it can lead to temperature between 24 and 30 degrees.

the weather in Bavaria* is on Friday, mostly friendly, and the maximum temperatures are 29 degrees in main-Franconia.

To dream Holidays and long weekend will be liable - "temperature fall" in Germany

After a wonderful father's day and a mostly friendly Friday, it should already come in the night to Saturday in the North-West to rain . Also in the middle and the Eastern half of Germany are forecast by the German weather service display rainfall and isolated Thunderstorms.

In southern Germany it should be mostly cloudy. Here, too, individual rain showers are predicted. In Bavaria, it comes in the night to rain showers and thunderstorms occasionally. Particularly, the temperatures have to suffer. The weather expert Dominik Jung speaking at of a "drop in temperature". , the German weather service is forecasting noticeably cooler temperatures 15 to 20 degrees. Responsible for this change in the weather, the Deep "Gudrun" .

in Terms of the weather in the summer is an expert, has already with a "shock" forecast.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


section list image:©Screenshot DWD

Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 11:34

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