Weather in Germany: Jetstream alert! DWD is warning of new storms | world

The Storm from the weekend are just over, the next Storm is coming. For Wednesday rain, high winds and hail are highly fashionable. The is also the so-called Je

Weather in Germany: Jetstream alert! DWD is warning of new storms | world

The Storm from the weekend are just over, the next Storm is coming. For Wednesday rain, high winds and hail are highly fashionable. The is also the so-called Jetstream.

The weather* will remain in the next few days to be unstable. Part of it is sunshine and summer temperatures, but especially in the evening, a violent storm is dragging in many places. Caution: It can go in strong rain, squalls, and hail. A jet stream brought us to the stormy end of the month (see first message of 29. June).

Update from 30. June, 8.29 PM: The summer is showing itself today, Tuesday, in most Parts of Germany, mainly from his kinder side. The temperature are pleasant 20 to 27 degrees , in the North of the country there is something fresh with a 17 to 21 degrees . In the South and Southeast, it is Sunny and dry. However, it is cloudy in the North-West poets.

weather in Germany: DWD is warning of gusts of wind, on Wednesday, the severe Weather threat in the South

The German weather rises warns of service (DWD) also stormy gusts to the North sea. In the course of the day there can be up into the North German lowland stiff gusts. The lake is also a single short Thunderstorms are possible. And also in the peaks of some mountains were there are gusts of wind. On Wednesday night, it goes further in terms of the weather quite uncomfortable. In the North and in the middle of the country, density of clouds, from the West of the rain from the onset of spreading in the middle. The low sink in to the night to 17 to eleven degrees , in the mountains it can be even up to eight grade cold.

during the Daytime it looks on Wednesday, also in large Parts of Germany, not In the Nordhälte it is cloudy, according to the DWD forecast partly cloudy to severe and it comes to first look like a reinforced rain . In the afternoon and evening there is then, above all, on the broad middle part " strong Thunderstorms with severe weather potential," . At least in the South and Southeast of the country, it is during the day, alternately, or only slightly cloudy, partly also longer Sunny. Towards the evening, the weather danger . In the southwest and in the Alps there is a single strong Storm. The temperature lie to the West and North in the case of 20 to 26 degrees , otherwise 25 and 30 degrees .

+ These days, does it in Germany, very often, to thunderstorms, especially in the evening. ©Reuters / Christian Pörschmann

weather in Germany: Increased severe weather risk on Wednesday and a stormy month change

first message of 29. June 2020:

Berlin, Violent Thunderstorms are drawn at the weekend, across Germany, the Start of the week was rainy, and the prospects for the coming days are anything other than rosy. On Tuesday there is a short break, but on Wednesday it will go to uncomfortable to continue. Then and next Thursday in Germany, there are increased the severe weather risk from the West to the East, and also in the South. "Only in the North-West, it will probably remain quiet," predicts Meorologe Paul Heger of

the weather in large Parts of Germany are currently mostly stormy, according to a report from the so-called Jetstream. This is a strong-wind belt in the airy heights, the causes of our Westwind. By this weather phenomenon is a stormy month ahead of us now. It will increasingly determine low-pressure systems in our weather situation, between the lows between the high influence with the sunshine appears.

weather in Germany: Also in Tuesday night isolated Thunderstorms possible

in the night on Tuesday there could be scattered Thunderstorms, predicted the expert of The temperature fall to a nine-to - maximum of 16 degrees . During the day it will be on Tuesday, especially in the South and East a lot of sunshine and summer temperatures up to 26 degrees . "Otherwise, denser clouds with some rain and from NRW to the Baltic sea coast is also pretty cloudy," it says in the Video of

In the Northern half of will it is very windy and on the coasts there could be even individual gusts of wind . On Wednesday, it will be rather cloudy in the North, just to the South, in the regions of Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin, it will be warmer. Part of the Thermometer could rise there on up to 28 degrees .

weather in Germany: Strong Thunderstorm in North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony-Anhalt

Of North Rhine-Westphalia to Saxony-Anhalt are however already during the day on Wednesday Thunderstorms . "Again, the severe weather risk* with heavy rain, gusts of wind and hail ," announces the Heger on. Later, the storm should therefore also continue in the direction of the East.

In the South of Germany, it will probably be a> first of all, a wonderful high-summer day with up to 32 degrees and plenty of sunshine strong thunderstorms . In the course of Wednesday evening, a Thunderstorm over southern Germany, across the reaches of the night on Thursday to the East of the country, from France. "It is a very rough night ", - stated in Among other things, there should be strong rain and gusts of wind *.

weather in Germany: the severe weather risk for large parts of the country also on Thursday

On Thursday, persists, weather risk in the East and Southeast of the country and also in the North of Germany, there are sorts of re Thunderstorms . The umbrella is in the next few days, so a good companion.

by the Way: In Bavaria, a significant weather change, including severe temperature-fall is imminent. And in a recent summer forecast weather talk-experts in clear text over the heat of the summer predictions.

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Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 03:34