We try to have the content not cut

SRF Sport must save in 2020 about one Million. How is that possible? Generally, we will not save what we do but how we do it. We focus to reduce the producti

We try to have the content not cut

SRF Sport must save in 2020 about one Million. How is that possible?
Generally, we will not save what we do but how we do it. We focus to reduce the production cost of the shipments. The variety, which is much appreciated by the audience very much, we try to maintain.

Many are surprised that even in the Tennis will be saved, even though Federer is the end of career. The US Open could be his last major tournament.
Heinz Günthardt and Stefan bürer who will be assisted will comment as usual, all the games, but from Zurich instead of New York. This is not a new System, we had to expand it but something. Also, the Masters tournaments have recently been commented on from Zurich. We put a special focus on the Grand Slams. At the French Open and at Wimbledon, she will continue to be on-site. It is important that you have the contact. But if you as often as you can, it is easily portable that you can even comment from the Studio. The viewers remember nothing of it.

Really? The audience will feel no difference whether you are in New York or in a Zurich Studio?
If you'd just comment always, that would be a difference. But if you have as much experience as this Duo, the celebrated, Yes, a 25-year-anniversary and the whole Era of Federer covered, you will notice no difference. You can do the research phones, and we have at every tournament, someone who provides us with voices and additional stories.

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Why the SRF even in the case of Roger Federer
Heinz Günthardt (left) and Stefan bürer who will be assisted has to save against 100 Grand-Slam tournaments together experienced. This year it comes to break. (Photo: Kurt Schorrer/foto-net)

Federer has quotas and advertising budgets. He deserves no special treatment?
This he has also. Since 2001, we showed around 700 Federer matches live. He is an athlete of such an Exception, since we need to have just as many games as possible live. The Tennis is very complex in the area of rights, but we have tried always to you, and so far it worked out well. There is no other athletes, in which we live so intensely in the process. But also in Tennis, we need to use the resources in such a way that the audience has a large value. And the audience wants to see the games.

How do you justify that Günthardt tournaments also others, such as the Masters series, no longer be able to comment on?
As in other sports, we also want to cover the Highlights with experts. In the area of the 500 - and 1000-tournaments we have this year is a little reduce. Our resources are limited. We want to use Günthardt where it creates most added value. And the are indisputable, the Grand Slams and also the Swiss Indoors in Basel.

there Are further savings in the area of Tennis?
no, if we let the legal Situation except Eight. We also want to show the games of the Masters series, the rights but still Negotiating.

also, Try to the right of the Laver Cup, which was transferred from TV24?
The negotiations are ongoing. We need to get a picture of how it goes with him. It was certainly a great pity that we were not able to show it in the last three years. If we transfer this year from Boston, and I cannot say anything for the moment.

"report car, we have only Premium products locally, such as in Basel or Wengen."Roland Mägerle, head of SRF Sport

How to save a comparatively in other sports?
For example, with Remote productions, which is not with the technical infrastructure at the venue, but in the Studio in Zurich. In the case of the Lauberhorn race, we had the Director not at the top in Wengen, but down in the Lauterbrunnen, where we could easy go. We try in General, the standard of production so that we must make no concessions. Possible the technical progress makes the.

Are planned for more Remote productions?
Yes, in a different Form. Since there are productions of the art turn-SM 2019, in which Director, editor and commentators in Zurich and the much lower cost, than when we pull up the car with a Report. However, we have also tested to let in some occasions, the Director completely from Zurich to work and to have camera people and moderation platforms on-site at the Nordic world Ski Championships 2015 in Falun, at the Olympic games in Rio in 2016 and 2018 in Pyeongchang.

How it looks in Alpine skiing?
For the world Cup Ski we use only cameras with SIM cards that can wirelessly transmit, in the Jargon LiveU called. This is a technically Mature solution that you will notice no difference. Report we have cars only in Premium products locally, such as in Basel or Wengen.

How do you assess the situation for sports television in the face of the austerity pressure, and the decline in the rates of advertising fees and viewers?
In sports, we have the advantage that the live area for the TV is no longer of great importance. And in the SRF-sports-App we provide our complete sports program, and the Numbers are increasing. The range in the TV tends to decrease. Nevertheless, we have recently, with the Lauberhorn downhill is the limit of a Million, once again cracked. What is important is that the Swiss are well on the way.

popularity of E-sports is for the young people. He will also take the TV moderately in the future, more space?
We report since 2017 partly live in. This year up to four E-sports-Finals in football are planned. We keep track of the attention. This is an exciting field with a very different audience, and it works pretty well. However, we only show Games that depict sports content – such as formula 1, football or the Rocket League, in the cars play football.

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