Vote for Bayern-spectacle: Against Brazil, we had it not so in the grip as it is today

from the record player, Thomas Müller of FC Bayern, Headed in a wrong Torfestival the glory of FC Barcelona's rich rolled over and at the final tournament of t

Vote for Bayern-spectacle: Against Brazil, we had it not so in the grip as it is today

from the record player, Thomas Müller of FC Bayern, Headed in a wrong Torfestival the glory of FC Barcelona's rich rolled over and at the final tournament of the Champions League final in the favorites role catapulted. When you say 8:2 (4:1) in the quarter-final against the Catalans with a disenchanted world footballer Lionel Messi in Munich on played especially in the first half hour or so that memories of the 7:1 Triumph of the national team against Brazil came at the 2014 world Cup.

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Bayern Coach Hansi Flick was, at the time, Joachim löw's assistant, now the 55-Year-old in Portugal, stands in front of his Triple-crowning. Thomas Müller (4. and 31. Minute), Ivan Perisic (22.) and Serge Gnabry (28.) overcame goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen in the Barcelona goal in the first game third almost at will. Joshua Kimmich (63.), Robert Lewandowski (82.) with his 14. King class goal this season, and Barça on loan Philippe Coutinho (85. 89.) after you put in the more exciting second half.

The voices of the game

Hansi Flick (coach Bayern): "Thomas Müller was always a signal for our Pressing, but ultimately I have to make the whole team a huge compliment. The intensity to hold on for 90 minutes so high is simply the best. The players that come in, tie in seamlessly. I'm like the whole coaching team is very, very happy. We knew that If we put you under pressure, mistakes happen. The optimal work out. I have to say, however, that Barcelona has in the Offensive is a huge quality.

We have made it brilliantly – but it was only a step, in the semi-finals it goes. We are all happy that we were rewarded for the performance, but know that we still have a lot in front of the chest. Clearly, it is a Statement, but the next game begins again at 0:0." AP Barca - Bayern

Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern): "It is difficult so soon after the game, but of course, we are very euphoric. Really clear one is the first in the next few days. We have found very good in the game. The 1:1 was a little damper. But to show morality and to not let themselves be swayed. The confidence is there, no question. This is also not less. But that was only one step of three."

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern): "It was brutal, You must run the time in front of the eyes, which is difficult to comprehend. I felt at a complete focus from the first Minute. You have to realize that we absolutely want to win, we have extremely played with determination to the front.

At the end of an incredible result. After the 5:2 was it, then you noticed it at Barca. We had a quiet and Coolness on the Ball. We played it today until the end very well. I was nearly ashamed of how I looked forward to the gate because it was, of course, 99 percent of the goal by Alphonso Davies. Starting tomorrow, we are again focussed on the next game." AP Also Joshua Kimmich hits ...

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern): "It was a very special evening. The way we played, it was certainly special. The most beautiful is actually, if you look at the players who come in, have the same Impact, the same joy, the same setting. Just Teamwork!

it is Important that everyone is tortured. I didn't feel quite to the 7:1 against Brazil at the 2014 world Cup, is reminiscent – at the time we had it so under control. We have a super first half, that had a lot to do a lot more with us than the game against Brazil. We were just brutally dominant. If we have missed it once, to Barcelona on the feet, then you are dangerous. But all in all, we have done what we wanted.

I am Overwhelmed at all – I'm happy that we have brought it to the place. As we played together, such as Robert Lewandowski for the first goal – as the heart goes on me. If the is still rewarded, it is all the more beautiful.

Of the experience, it is such a fun game a bit more difficult. It's on again at 0:0, but the self-confidence we had before the game. We have made hell of a promotion for the FC Bayern. So far, the Event is a very big class and we want to stay here."

Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern): "It does me a bit sorry for Marc, that he has conceded many goals. For us, it is of course good, but one wishes, of course, no team-mates from the national team."

Hasan Salihamidzic (sports Board of FC Bayern): "The guys have given from the beginning equal to Gas, and the opponent under pressure. That's why it was a pleasure to you to watch the football games. We are so focused, you want to just make more and not by the amount of earnings be blinded. We are very happy and are really happy."

Oliver Kahn (Executive Board member FC Bayern): "I think it is very important that players are in the team, such as Lewandowski or Kimmich, who are extremely hungry for the title. Now you can put the icing on it by winning this title, too." Rafael March ante/Reuters Pool/dp minimize Lonely on the bench: Barca Coach Quique Setien

Quique Setien (coach of FC Barcelona): "of Course, the opportunities for me. We have rolled over seen by a very good team." He was only a year and a half in office, noticed Setién: "FC Barcelona has to change."

Lothar Matthäus (Ex-player of FC Bayern): "I have the measure of Bayern as favorites, but of course not in this amount. It would have meant none that you can shoot today eight goals. But they were earned, and these six goals were also the difference of the earned grade. Bayern was sensational and Barcelona time according to many players are over their Zenith. I believe that in the next season not only a new coach is here in Barcelona, but also a lot of new players. I'm sorry, and it hurts when you have a team like Barcelona that has inspired us over the years, so look like today."

Roy Makaay (Ex-player of FC Bayern): "It was an example of how to Semedo has played today, because of the fairly simple manner, and it was an example of how Davies this season has developed. He will be every game better and better."

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