#VirtualGP Monaco: Superior Russell-victory, questionable spectacle

With an unchallenged ride to the top of George Russell (Williams) has scored a superior victory in the virtual Grand Prix of Monaco in 2020. From the start plac

#VirtualGP Monaco: Superior Russell-victory, questionable spectacle

With an unchallenged ride to the top of George Russell (Williams) has scored a superior victory in the virtual Grand Prix of Monaco in 2020. From the start place to start, he took over directly the lead at the Start and drove to a dominant win with 39 seconds ahead of Esteban Gutierrez (Mercedes; 2.) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari; 3.) out.

This magnificent journey of young Britons is likely to have been the only athletic Valuable in this night race. Overall, the formula 1 was in its sixth official Sim Race, in fact, a very questionable spectacle.

The reason for this was, among other things, that for the road, the damage model has been disabled race. The cars were indestructible. This fact took advantage of several drivers. It was more outdated than in reality, but, in General, with Vorbande. And many of the riders took advantage of the gang in order to gain advantages.

Since there is still no Live race control, remained the most kills with impunity. But even F1 2019 imposes certain scenes with low penalties of three seconds. And so winner stayed, only Russell and Louis Deletraz (Haas; 9.) criminal free. Other drivers caught up to five time penalties.

especially Gutierrez stood out negatively. On his way to second Position, he rammed ruthlessly a whole series of drivers. Just in time for the last collision that decided the battle for second place, but he was innocent. Leclerc overlooked in the Tunnel that Gutierrez was already slightly beside him. In reality, an overhaul would not have been to attempt even possible.

fair play of Norris after collision

Leclerc had inserted an early pit stop after ten of 39 laps, which he could against Ex-formula 1 driver Gutierrez had no Chance to have, was twice come to the Box. For a short time, they both delivered value Racing and Leclerc see made a strong defensive work.

The collision had ripped in reality, both drivers out of the race, but thanks to the indestructibility mode, complete the Podium. Leclerc took the blame for the collision on his cap.

in fourth place, Alexander Albon took. The Red Bull driver was less strong than in the last race and was involved also in an accident (see below). With a late pit stop he was back out of positions.

he overtook, among others, Arthur Leclerc (Ferrari; 5.) shortly before the end. The younger brother of Charles Leclerc was in the start-up phase prospects in the race, but was the victim of a monumental Downing of Lando Norris (McLaren; 7.) in St. Devote. He had missed his braking point far.

Norris showed as one of the few riders on this night, the spirit of sport and waited after the collision on the Leclerc, but both had lost several positions. Here, too, both of which came only by the indestructibility mode unscathed.

David Schumacher shines in the rain

That there were numerous collisions, was also due to the fact that the Qualifying session had gone well in rainy conditions on the stage, and thus the starting line-up somewhat atypical looked like. Pietro Fittipaldi (Haas; 6.) the Pole in front of Russell, and the two took a sensational lead and in the first round, two more positions but lost right at the Start.

From the German point of view, the third start was the place of David Schumacher (Racing Point; 10.) the Highlight of the Evening. In the dry race the son of Ralf Schumacher, however, we lacked a bit of Pace. He was rudely moved out of the way - this time by Fittipaldi at the hairpin.

In another scene, Gutierrez tried to squeeze in the port of chicanery past him. The Mercedes driver went through what he wanted to use Albon. Prior to the Tabac, the Red Bull seemed to have Pilot but forget that you need to brake, and slammed full program in Gutierrez. It turned to the Thais, what could have ultimately cost a podium place.

debutant Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes; 11.) was cleared to a respectable seventh place in the first round and fell back out of all of this end of the field. The Finn did not give up, however, and missed the points just barely. Esteban Ocon, who wanted to give as a second active formula 1 driver to be a virtual debut, stepped to the 17th place in Qualifying for the race.

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