VfB Hallbergmoos: The meteoric rise in the excellence | the district of Freising

What a success story! The sport bowlers of the VfB Hallbergmoos are seven climbs in eight years in the 1. Bundesliga arrived. Hallbergmoos – Sometimes there

VfB Hallbergmoos: The meteoric rise in the excellence | the district of Freising

What a success story! The sport bowlers of the VfB Hallbergmoos are seven climbs in eight years in the 1. Bundesliga arrived.

Hallbergmoos – Sometimes there are you even in times of Corona yet, the particular fairy tale of the sport. One such story is that of the bowlers from the VfB Hallbergmoos, since 2011 on the six futuristic-looking cars in the sports forum rush from success to success and is now in the 1. Bundesliga are reached.

Than in June 2012, then-2. Mayor Sepp Niedermair, even a passionate bowlers, who took over as head of the Department, he joined with the aim to make advertising for a sport that requires a high level of excellence and a major training effort and your pub sports had saved the Image a long time ago. You would have told him then but that he the hall Berger to the 1. League would lead, he would have dismissed this as a spinning or Science Fiction.

VfB Hallbergmoos: Sepp Niedermair is the maker of success

sometimes, However, such success stories for the work, but also hard to be a functioning Department, and – not least – the right touch for players and new signings must have happen just. And all of this Sepp Niedermair: members who had the new cars and used had. People who were training to become arbitrators or to the PC technology, the system took care of it, and many sponsors.

The largest share had and of course, the athletes, the 2012 to 2020 a total of six League titles and seven ascents of the district League A all the way up to the 1. League won and sometimes even the necessary bit of luck on their side had. For example, in March 2018, when the VfB as a rising star in the national League as a table, the fourth for the newly created Bayern League South qualified. Or when you rise in the 2. Bundesliga 2019, as Hallbergmoos as a master of the Bayern League South, from the rise of the sport friends of Friedrichshafen in the 1. League benefited. Because of this, at the time, accounted for the rise games to 2. Bundesliga South/West.

head-to-head-race to the top

Heuer had to now because of the Corona, with the crisis in the last two game days in the 2. League will be capped. And by the decision of the Presidium of the German Keglerbunds Classic (DKBC) are on the rise now the first-placed teams of the 2. Leagues directly to the upper house. At the time of the season-leaving the hall of mountain mooser men stood with a 24:8 meters, equal on points with KRC Kipfenberg at the top of the South/West-season, but had more team points on the page than the competitor.

For the last year's additions to Alexander Stephan, Dietmar Brosi and Damir Cekovic is the rise of a great success. Brosi and Stephan agree that the upcoming season will pose a great challenge. The primary objective must be the classes hold. "A lot of teams in the 1. League to upgrade and get a new plate tracks. There is a lot of mixed," says Stephan, and Brosi adds: "For some of us the is 1. The Bundesliga is by no means uncharted territory for the club but it is already.“ Therefore, especially the more experienced bowlers are now required, the teammates and the entire club as quickly as possible to the upper house to introduce.

Thomas Schneider amplifies the VfB Team

team leader Mario Cekovic had already oracles are consulted at the beginning of last season, that would ascend, even if a head of Department Niedermair this was never issued as a target. "The players are happy about the climb, even if many would have rather played the season to a regular end," stresses Cekovic. "Now, joy comes to this Climb, the good news is that Thomas Schneider will strengthen the team. He is the right man for our Team, we will benefit from his experience.“ And further: "It will be a hard season, with lots of Games and long journeys – but we are looking forward to this challenge."

The Niedermair also applies to Sepp. He regrets that you can celebrate the ascension so far, not been properly. "But that will be rescheduled, if it is possible. Because in the 1. League one rises only once for the first Time.“ According to the plans of the DKBC the season, the 1 is. Bundesliga on 12./13. September start, provided that it allows the Corona.


For the men I of the VfB Hallbergmoos went in season 2019/20 at the Start: Dietmar Brosi (16 inserts), Damir Cekovic (15), Mario Cekovic (14), Tobias Kramer (12), Dan Ioan Mihaila (10), Bogdan Tudorie (10), Stephan Petrovich (9), Alexander Stephan (9), Dietmar Gäbelein (4), Tobias Lacher (2), Leonard Danner (2), Bogdan Craicun (1) and Georg Westermeier (as a replacement to without the use).

Christiane Oldenburg-Balden

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