Vettel-Webber Crash in Istanbul in 2010: the beginning of The end

Mark Webber can look back on a long, largely successful formula 1 career, which went to an end in 2013, in which he was never world champion. Although he played

Vettel-Webber Crash in Istanbul in 2010: the beginning of The end

Mark Webber can look back on a long, largely successful formula 1 career, which went to an end in 2013, in which he was never world champion. Although he played tracks a key role in the four Manufacturers, the Red Bull between 2010 and 2013 recorded, but very much in the shadow of team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Only in 2010, in its second season as the Red Bull Duo, it was a more balanced fight. Webber led the championship for a long, fell back in the later part of the season, but finally, 14 points behind Vettel, and was third at the world Championships.

at the time had race built up between the two drivers, as well as between Webber and Red Bull already considerable tensions - starting with the Grand Prix of Turkey in 2010, the seventh of 19 season. There, it came today, ten years ago, to a team of internal collision, the consequences of nachwirkten for a long time.

Webber sensed "a conspiracy" against the

The Australian was just on the climax, because he came from two dominant Wins in Spain and Monaco. In both races Webber on Pole, had given Position from each round and at the top of the overall standings set. However, with the trip to Istanbul began the descent.

In his autobiography, 'Aussie Grit' as he recalls: "It was this remarkable sequence of four races in mid-2010, Istanbul, Montreal, Valencia and Silverstone, which signaled the beginning of the end of my positive feelings for Red Bull Racing." The starting point of the collision with Vettel was.

"The day before this happened, I got Wind that there might be a conspiracy against me," recalls Webber. Just in time for the final practice, Red Bull had managed a rear wing to finish, but only one was available. They chose him to Vettel's car to install.

Webber had to wait until Qualifying to take his first run to, yet he managed to put his car on Pole Position, while Vettel as the third qualified. At the Start Webber initially retained the lead.

Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren he could not solve, however, the Briton and Vettel followed in turn. Him a lap before Webber took Red Bull to the pits to Hamilton to pass by, which it also did. Webber remained at the front, but was instructed to the engine to turn down and to slow down to save Fuel.

"I did, but I was looking into Sebastian's Status in terms of Fuel," writes Webber in his book. "It was good for him. I was the one who led and suffered. That was SEB's ACE in the hole, and he planned to use it, if he could take me on." To do this, it should be in the 40. Lap of the race to come.

Team is to blame for the Turkey Crash with Webber

Vettel had caught up with Webber's car and sat down when accelerating Out of turn 11 next to him. Webber was on the right side and Vettel opened the door, but when the was almost over, drifted his car to the team-mates and it came to a contact between the two drivers.

Vettel's right hand burst rear tyre, and the German went into a Skid. In doing so, he collided almost even with Webber. Even before he had come in the run-off area at all to a standstill, picking up Vettel his Arm in the direction of team-mate and then jumped out of his car to see the damage.

Webber managed, however, to bring his car in for a precautionary stop at the Box, where he got a new front wing and new tyres. Back on the track, he found himself in third Position. He almost inherited due to a failed communication in the case of McLaren the victory, but it ultimately stayed in place.

Even before Webber was able to talk with his Team about the incident, he sat in the FIA press conference. Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko had reported to the time it is already a word in, and Webber for the Crash be held responsible.

In the course of time, also team boss Christian Horner seemed to approach this view, so that Weber felt from the own Team in isolation: "When I saw on TV, the hugs, the Sebastian on the pit wall got, I began to have serious doubt as to who was at Red Bull Racing are really pulling the strings."

Although Horner emphasized in the result, the case team internally to clarify and to want out of the world, but the opposite was the case. Vettel has apologised to Red bull debrief and Webber so the Chance denied the opportunity to speak with his teammates about the incident. This led him to a drastic step.

Helmut Marko as the mastermind behind Red Bull

Webber wrote a long letter to Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, in which it came to his treatment. "Groups within the team had taken an immediate stance and with the media, spoken by attributed blame me for the incident before the facts are determined", - stated in it.

While Mateschitz understanding, foamed Horner rage. He felt that Webber ignored, but for him it was "painfully obvious that Marko pulled the strings". Efforts to speak with Horner, failed.

"I'm sure he has asked the question: 'How do I keep both drivers happy? I also have to keep Marko happy'," writes Webber in his autobiography. "Ultimately, it was for him not an Option to put on my page, and to piss off Marko." This, of course had to see his Manager Flavio Briatore already come.

"According to my Back-to-Back Victories in Barcelona and Monaco he said that the Situation should not continue. Not for the first Time, he was absolutely right," recalls Webber. "It was not part of the plans of Red Bull Racing to let a battered old Australian dog get the title."

it came in the three years, the Webber for Red Bull drove, not more. Instead, it worked more to the benefit of Vettel, for example, only three races later, when he received at Silverstone in repeated priority to new parts.

When it came to the start of the 2013 season to the last major scandal around the "Multi-21" - stable of the order, was dedicated to the partnership between Webber and Red Bull to the end. One can, however, say that the collision in Turkey and its aftermath had ushered in this end long before that.

This article was written by Luke Smith, Co-author: Juliane goat spirit

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