Verstappens beautiful Story, makes you hope for the Hungaroring

Max Verstappen was his team-mate Alexander Albon before the Grand Prix of Hungary a lesson in communication and media work. He told before the third race of the

Verstappens beautiful Story, makes you hope for the Hungaroring

Max Verstappen was his team-mate Alexander Albon before the Grand Prix of Hungary a lesson in communication and media work. He told before the third race of the season, a "beautiful story" about the situation of his team at the Hungaroring.

In the press conference to the media Thursday Verstappen will be asked whether the course will be in Hungary, the RB16 better than the Power distance in Austria. He answers with a smile: "of Course, I could tell a beautiful story." Albon, responded: "I would like to hear."

"Yes, do you want to? Really?", the Dutch kids and the fairy tale uncle: "Well, I could tell this really wonderful story, and say that the Red Bull Ring is a Power track and we have less Straight."

Verstappen: "So you create a Hype,"

he Also refers to the previous year. Verse could fall driving on the Hungaroring, his first Pole Position in the race for second place pick. "Therefore, I am looking forward to it. I think we have a really good Chance of winning - so you create a bit of a Hype," he says in the direction of Albon.

Seriously, he adds: "We will try to improve the Balance of the car." Because the Red Bull was at the first race weekend in Austria, not good on the track. The driver of defendant's behavior, the driving, the screwdriver were the result.

"I think each car is difficult to drive at the Limit," replies he, and adds: "I think for us it is all about the predictability." On the first weekend in Spielberg, the RB16 was very unpredictable, it was "tricky". "Therefore, the screwdriver happened, and the slip-up, because you couldn't build up the right feeling."

On the second weekend in Styria, the team was able to improve the feeling, at least to Verstappens car. "As we had in the Dry, no more problems with the Balance, which was okay. I had no more Worries, the feeling was good. So we can definitely improve in many areas."

team-mates, Albon explained that he had felt on the second weekend of the less well-off. "At the weekend, slow curves are on the program, hopefully us," says the Thai. He'll try to catch up, and to get as many points as possible.

Generally speaking, Red Bull is allowed on the slow, twisty calculate rates and more. In the slower passages of the Bolide from Milton Keynes has traditionally been strong, this has already been demonstrated in Austria. The motors-disadvantage is, however, play a minor role due to the low full-throttle proportion.

Mercedes: "To deliver top-of-the-weekend"

The Honda engine was one of the weak points of Red Bull in the season-opener, the man had to admit after two races. Without significant Updates to the drive, the regulation is not due to the Freeze is practically possible, it would be difficult, Mercedes catch up.

"of course you are in front of us, and Yes, it will be difficult to you to catch up", you must verse to see fall. Don't want to give up, but: "let's see if we can Refine a few things on the engine. After all, there is always room for improvement."

Despite the traditionally strong position of Red Bull in Hungary, the Team has won most recently, in 2014 there, especially the silver arrows were in the previous years. Therefore, the cops expect this season with strong competition.

"Every weekend is a new Chance. But we have to be realistic, because if you like the Mercedes so dominant, then it is on any track quickly," expects Verstappen also on again this coming weekend with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

It would be "difficult" to beat the black racer. "But let's see how close we can get." In addition, the weather verse could fall into the playing cards, because rain showers are expected throughout the weekend. "This can always make for a little Chaos."

Nevertheless, he believes: "When it goes in to the Pace, then it will be very difficult to beat them." The competition does not want to settle for the role of favorite but. Hamilton emphasized, "If you look at the previous years, then the Red Bull was generally always very good here. They always seem a little better to be on these routes, as well as in Monaco, where it's more about the output package."

the winner of The Styria-race looks to be a "good fight" against Red Bull to come to you. "We have already seen great accomplishments from them in Training in Austria. And therefore, I believe that you will be very strong in the race - here all the more. We must, therefore, deliver a really top weekend."

This article was written by Maria Reyer

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Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 19:27