Underestimated, but essential: Pavard-infringement to Flick trickiest task

the intimidated Until now to be unleashed - Davies' rapid development at FC Bayernern Robert Lewandowski. This is the obvious answer to the question of wh

Underestimated, but essential: Pavard-infringement to Flick trickiest task
  • intimidated Until now to be unleashed - Davies' rapid development at FC Bayernern

Robert Lewandowski. This is the obvious answer to the question of which failure could compromise a Champions League victory strong. An Alternative? There is not, in principle. Until a few days ago, there would have been probably just a few people, the Benjamin Pavard have assigned a similar importance.

the Frenchman has become one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of the recent success. Relegated come, and by some as a One-Hit-Wonder of the world Cup in 2018, stamped, collected the 24-Year-old in his first season with the record Champions, the third-most competitive game minutes: 3970 in number.

FC Bayern: How Pavard so important

has become, There must have been reasons, if someone at FC Bayern is so often used. Especially since the giants had in the previous years, with Joshua Kimmich, a strong right-back. Now, it is not so, that Pavard have displaced. Kimmich was the first to be summoned by Niko Kovac into the midfield centre and, later on, Hansi Flick taken, because he did not convince on his actual master position.

he managed something that was managed in the last few years, to any other player: Even without Thiago, the midfield of Bayern has remained dominant and with only a few exceptions the game strong. Kimmich seems with the growing responsibility again to develop. Reuters/Alexander Hassenstein/ Europe/Pool/dpabild of Bavaria, Benjamin Pavard cheers with a Cup

Pavard, however, benefited from it. But it is not a random circumstance that fell to him in the womb. The world champion is an integral part of the extremely offensive game idea of the Trainer. With all the applause, especially the offensive players currently receive, it needs players to close back the gaps.

Pavards counterpart on the left side, with his attacking runs rather to those, the open back space for the counterattack. What is so desirable. Alphonso Davies has enormous qualities with his runs from deep. However, if a defender is so high, it needs a hedge. Which is mostly given by David Alaba, the defender holds as the left inside a protective Hand over Davies.

Pavard failure meets Bavaria: How to Flick react now?

as a result, he must leave his Position, but every now and again and continue to slide it to the left, as it would do with a Central defender in a balanced-oriented four. Say: Alaba must be secured, and the rights defender (the last one was Jérôme Boateng) pushes to the left. The end of this (four)chain: Pavard with slides and thus enables the hedge in a three-chain.

Just when the opponent, on paper, are stronger, is the asymmetry in the Formation of FC Bayern is very noticeable, even if it is not a permanent condition. Pavard is not a game uninvolved in the offense, but knows when to protect and when to the front of the line with power on. He is actively participating in the construction of the game, creates it again and again to free themselves from pressing traps of the opponent and plays clever passes. Ball losses are with him, rather the rarity. dpa/Sven Hoppe/dpabild coach Hansi Flick from the FC Bayern Munich

Now, however, he falls first. For a Flick that throws in a bit about the heap – in particular, if Pavard should also miss a possible quarter-final or even more. Alvaro Odriozola has virtually no match practice and could not prove in the last half a year, comfortable enough, to now as a substitute get started.

A conversion to three chain would also be very surprising. Actually, would Kimmich, the natural Alternative to the right-hand side, and Thiago would be there, in order to close the resulting gap in the centre. However, the game of Bayern is balanced still?

Champions League: The risk Kimmich as a right defender

Kimmich was praised as a legal defender in the last few years, especially for his Offensive drive and the many assists. Less frequently, it was mentioned that its high positioning analogous to Davies, is that he is open behind space for the counterattack. Just in the Champions League, this can quickly lead to goals, especially since Kimmich, in contrast to Davies the pace to close these gaps themselves.

So would have to improvise Flick. Ancelotti secured Kimmich mostly due to a tilting Aft in the 4-3-3. Often it was Corentin Tolisso, left, then diagonally behind Kimmich fall, to be Counter to the point. imago images / MIS Niklas Süle (2.v.r.) with Leon Goretzka, Benjamin Pavard and Joshua Kimmich (l.) FC Bayern

Flick was not to Build in the midfield even more, would start Thiago, Leon Goretzka and Thomas Müller in the centre. All three are not suitable for this role perfectly. While Thiago is in the middle of the game to build and draw the other two are actually important for the Offensive, the rear part of the hedge.

Flick could therefore rely on a little Trick that Guardiola already used: Indents Kimmich in possession of the ball, he did not, in principle, the opportunity to position themselves too high, because the spaces are more occupied than on the outer tracks. Moreover, it can take more influence on the game and when the Defensive needs him.

Flick and the world Cup-compromise solution of 2014

However, the Flick would have to consider how he secures the offensive Davies the best. The simple push of a defender of right-to-left right-back with an indenter is more complicated. Here, too, the tipping Eights or sixes would be maybe.

A last variant of the WM-compromise solution of 2014: at the Time, defended for three, sometimes even four interior defenders, is to Flick the rear and stabilized, thus the Defensive. Offensively, you realized that the missing strike power, but at the rear the difference was in favor of the Löw-Elf felt. dpa BVB player Julian Brandt surrounded by four Bayern players

FC Bayern would come here but hardly any players in question. Boateng is not as agile and fast as they used to, and would perhaps pose a risk. Lucas Hernandez had already came as a right half interior defense minor problems and Niklas Süle from a long injury. Questionable whether he would be an Option, and then also for such a role.

you Would put Davies on the right side, it could Hernandez defend the left. But Flick knows the game to the weaknesses of the canadian in the position. There is a risk that he is right to be disoriented, threatens.

Angelo Brückner - a Name for the future

The most unlikely, but at the same time, bravest of all the solutions would be the integration of a youth player. Just the 2003 Vintage is at FC Bayern are very high in price, and with Angelo Brückner there is a right-back at the Campus, whose name you can remember for the future.

Only Flick, despite its proximity to the youth players Louis van Gaal and the Champions League is no place for experiments. Especially since Brückner, there has been no experience at the professional level and physically may not be ready. An exciting Option is the 17-Year-old but still.

  • Three open questions: Where is the place in the scramble at Bayern is the largest

How you look at it: Flick definitely needs to convert more. as it at first seems. Maybe it is his largest challenge at FC Bayern. To some extent, this is also a compliment to Pavard, has made the season a great Job and an absolute guarantee of success has.

He is one of those players that often run under the Radar for your team, but are of inestimable value. And so the answer to the question of which failure could compromise a Champions League victory strong, maybe: Benjamin Pavard.

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