Ultra-Zoff, fair-play, TV-money: Bayern-Boss Rummenigge already lives in its own world

the FC Bayern: Rummenigge with Fan Alliance Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on earth " Rummenigge-brother: Kalle no longer is" long a "maker" There are

Ultra-Zoff, fair-play, TV-money: Bayern-Boss Rummenigge already lives in its own world
  • FC Bayern: Rummenigge with Fan Alliance
  • Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on earth "
  • Rummenigge-brother: Kalle no longer is" long a "maker"

There are things you do not need to approve. For example, if Helene Fischer's appearance at the halftime Show of the German DFB Cup finals. Or, if Franck Ribéry, star chef Salt Bae a Gold-leaves a Steak and serve. Or, if Karl-Heinz Rummenigge claims that Bayern Munich have recruited "never been a player, in order to weaken one of his competitors", although Ex-President Uli Hoeness confirmed in 2014 that it would not come to purchases for this purpose.

Crude statements with the head shaking-character like this, the Bayern Boss delivers in all regularity. Some Speech acts from the top down, others simply out of place. Rummenigge, for over 45 years, a Protagonist on the biggest stage in world Sport, already lives in his own world. For more examples? Pretty please!

FC Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummenigge with the Ultras to

In the recent trouble with the Ultras of Bayern Boss grabs hard bandages. The Name of the Fan Alliance "Our football" does not taste him (The football "don't belong to you"), the demands for reforms before the Start of the new season at all.

So he rumbles in "Sport Bild": "We are now, unfortunately, reached a point where I of the Ultras always read-only: We demand, we demand. Now, you wanted to say in the debate about the distribution of the TV money. But if I call only, but never am ready to take on the duties and also responsibilities, ends in a one-way street."

Ever seems to stand Rummenigge with his point of view on the topic of TV money in Germany, together with BVB-Companion, Hans-Joachim Watzke alone. The distribution of TV money in Germany, he perceives as "solidarity" and "balanced". He has it easy. His Bayern get the most money.

Rummenigge is not at FC Bayern since a long time "on earth"

No wonder, then, that Rummenigge and Watzke shouted the loudest, as it was a question of whether, and when, the Bundesliga, in spite of the Corona-the crisis will continue. Who gets the most out of the honey pot, want to do without it only reluctantly. What a pandemic is?

Rummenigges brother Michael referred to him in an Interview with the "evening news," lovingly referred to as "the Patriarch of our family." In this role, he has long been in the football hold. Rummenigge king Kalle is. The one who likes to point out that FC Bayern have written with him as CEO "never in the red". The one that advises to loosen in times of Corona but the Financial fair play. But everything is solid, serious, at the end of the day. SVEN SIMON/Frank Hoermann/POOL_Sportphoto_Perenyi Bayern-Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

That Rummenigge didn't know that once is simply that you have to pay taxes on gifts of Rolex watches from the distant Qatar in Germany? Paid. As Rummenigge, Jérôme Boateng, 2016 in times of a form delle, recommended that, “to come back to earth”, the question was, whether this recommendation is really the correct sender. Probably not. Rummenigge is not even long been "on earth".

Everything else would be surprising. Finally, Rummenigge knows almost exclusively to the path of success. Without regard to losses. Without big views of others.

success human Rummenigge: he has the FC Bayern as he

Rummenigge is a success man. He has coined the FC Bayern is thus in a way, as it should probably only Hoeness claim. For ten years he plays for the German industry leader, winning everything there is at club level, twice a world footballer.

do not want more Than the bone, is asked of the head. Rummenigge rises in Bavaria quickly, first Vice-President, then Chairman of the Board. Be Italian: fluent. His contacts: the Secretary of state. Even in the case of the Uefa Rummenigges word weighs heavy.

As a speaker Hoeness in prison, and not according to can talk to, is bored of the East Westphalian for the exclusive top of the world's dreaded triangle: Pep Guardiola, the inventor, Matthias Sammer, the admonisher, Rummenigge, the ice-cold calculation.

Rummenigge lives in his own world - and this is only logical

Hoeness returns, but Rummenigges Power remains. It is in large part thanks to him that the FC Bayern between 2002 and 2009, is making a push internationally is not more than a mediocre quarter - finalist from 2010, peu à peu in Europe's Elite.

brother Michael explains: "The skills that Kalle had both as a player and off the court, earned him the nickname 'man of action'. He is simple! Even after the active career." Makers Rummenigge and speaks entirely for the benefit of FC Bayern. You do not need to approve.

but It is also not surprising. Not a gram of fat: Arjen Robben presented with the Adonis body on his Comeback FOCUS Online/Glomex Not a gram of fat: Arjen Robben presented with Adonis-body for his Comeback


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