Uli Hoeness is not Bayern-chief: canonization is not excluded

Uli Hoeness goes. Again. It is, therefore, time for repayment and views and the best wishes for the next stage of life. Franz Beckenbauer wants to be close to

Uli Hoeness is not Bayern-chief: canonization is not excluded

Uli Hoeness goes. Again. It is, therefore, time for repayment and views and the best wishes for the next stage of life.

Franz Beckenbauer wants to be close to Uli Hoeness. Munich, in 2016 photo: Reuters

Paul Breitner says: "If Uli has to stop now, this is the biggest turning point in the history of the Bundesliga. No Manager has the League as determined as he is – in fact, he was the Bundesliga.“ Warm words of one who has seen with Uli Hoeness as much as usual probably no other. There are, however, not post current rates, but is already nine years old, like to Hoeness’ move from the Manager to the President. And so little has been lost as Hoeness at the time to voting power, he will not be silenced even after his on Friday evening at the annual General meeting of FC Bayern's upcoming withdrawal from the presidential throne, why?

He is Uli Hoeness, and the man who prohibits his mouth, must be born. Where: Breitner none, so quickly run out of words now really. However, the Servus of the miracle money vermehrers seeds, he says only: "The Only thing I want to say – regardless of any personal disagreements – is: He is the only football-maker, I place on the stage, with the Santiago Bernabéu." At the end of the announcement. Before he burns to the mouth, says Breitner dear, nothing more. He, of all people, who has otherwise at any time to everything and everyone a very decided opinion. As close as the two times were so far removed from each other. Two superego would, a lot of scorched earth – and of Uli Hoeness has left in more than four decades, any amount.

not be able to stop the eternal companion of Ulrich H. U. currently, even with the Eulogy to "Uli Allmighty". Image-columnist Raimund Hinko don't know which of the anecdotes but a thousand, he should tell at first. Not missing, of course, the night at the sick-bed: "Maybe You're thinking of 1982, as You survived in Hannover, the only passenger in a plane crash. I was Your lady and according to Paul Breitner, the first one You could at the visited hospital bed. An Interview I had to forget quickly, You could only gasp. I was afraid for You. And what are You doing Crazy? Four days later, You let Yourself get to Munich route. With WHAT? With a FLYER! So powerful only You can be.“

This is a great Sport, culminating in a Council ("on-the-Fly Uli, on-the-fly. Into the freedom!“) and the views of the Farewell show in the Olympia hall: "you have to build dams, because there will be a sea of tears." He's right, the honor of the presidency should at least be still in there, canonization is not excluded.

A dozen biographies there are to Uli Hoeness, not a single autobiography. The would probably be as thick as the FC Bayern chronicle to 111. Club Birthday 2011: 28 Pounds, EUR 2,999. Underneath, it would make not Hoeness. Sometimes the self-confessed belly, man has been delivered within a week of fuel for a veritable Tome, again and again to the head and the collar talking, a outbreak to the next in a row, according to the Motto: Everything must go.

Waldemar Hartmann, also a unique, once said about him: "it is Fascinating how in our frenzied time, a man about 30 years in different roles, sometimes as a Department attack, as mother Teresa, the image of German football has dominated. Uli Hoeness could sell the Pope a double bed.“ From Schalk Mehmet Scholl, the following sentence is handed down: "My dream job has always been: play wife or dog in the case of Uli Hoeness."

Herbert Hainer about his prison visit with Uli Hoeness

"Man stands to his friend, regardless of what is expedient"

There's so much to say about me: 41 years Manager, President and maker of FC Bayern, before eight years of world-class striker, three-times European Cup winner, world and European champion, 11,0-Sprinter, celebrated in the sky and sorcerer's apprentice, Anti-Hero of the "night of Belgrade" in the European championship final in 1976, cartilage damage, and end of career with Jestbahis 27, the youngest Manager in the League. The Rest is history. A highly entertaining story.

And that's just the football-Hoeness. Of its social vein, we have not spoken as yet. The man has no Problem to give the Coverboy for a homeless magazine, or by charity ailing game to keep clubs from Bankruptcy. Reiner Calmund said: "Despite the Daum affair, he is a true friend. If I would have a Problem and call at night, Uli Hoeness was on the Mat and would help me as well as immediately.“

Werder's Ex-President Willi Lemke, in the ' 80s, an intimate enemy of Hoeness, told recently that he had written to the judge who had to decide about the early release of Hoeness and especially for the purpose of a lawyers advice. And Lothar Matthäus said: "Even if we had a bonus veren siteler lot of Controversies: the Case of Uli Hoeness, you always knew where you stand. He has never done anything behind your back.“ The quote comes from in front of Hoeness' time as a stock market addict, and tax evaders, as it is the mirror to the "pseudo-sacred from the Tegernsee" baptized.

Now the butcher's son so replaced the other: Herbert Hainer will be the new President. This gaunt, unassuming man next to him on the bleachers Hoeness has said: "The Herbert has always defended myself publicly. It can come what may: Between us, nothing can happen. Our friendship stops.“ Pure Hoeness-Pathos. Hainer also has a plan: "A friend with whom you can cry on is a gift," he said. Hoeness stood by him, as of 2006, his daughter died; conversely, Hainer was one of the First who visited Hoeness in prison: "The power of friendship: It is to be his friend, regardless of what is opportune." Brothers in spirit. There have found two.

What does this mean for FC Bayern? Well, it's a 65 Year old male a 67-Year-old – a generation of change looks different. Anyone who thinks that with the resignation of Hoeness, his Era is coming to an end, also believes in Santa Claus. Hoeness’ voice will be at Bayern for so long will prevail, until he closes the eyes, whether as honorary Chairman, Greenkeeper or Tegernsee-pensioners. He will have a say in the appointment of the next Coach, he has already announced – because a simple member. And with Hasan Salihamidžić he has pressed at the last minute a man in the Board of Directors, would do anything, just don't contradict him.

Whether or not he has done his club a Favour, is questionable. Max Eberl and Philipp Lahm would be safe to attribute more Expertise. How little Reputation Salihamidžić, you called earlier Brazzo, the boy, when its President Sunday in the morning call on television, to take him against malice in protection? How big is hat he will be if he sits with Oliver Kahn, the new strong man in PES, at the table?

Uli Hoeneß is all the keep track of, and accompany, is so present and asked to be as ever – other than his eternal Antipode of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who retires in 2021 from the office, and at the end of the day no one to miss. You can then listen in peace and quiet of his Rolex collection in the Tick, while Hoeness will give for his life's work continues to be the mother hen: broad, poisons, pressure, protection. Because he can't help it. Age mild? Unlikely. If Hoeness says, "I will serve the club for so long, until I can't breathe", he sounds almost like this other stubborn skull, Charlton Heston: "From my cold, dead hands ..."

Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 08:00