Tyson, kayak and dance, stimuli for Gauff

As if carrying a half life before the microphones, Coconut Gauff unfolds before journalists with the expertise dialectic of a veteran. However, it has only 15

Tyson, kayak and dance, stimuli for Gauff

As if carrying a half life before the microphones, Coconut Gauff unfolds before journalists with the expertise dialectic of a veteran. However, it has only 15 years, and said after to go back to Sorana Cirstea (4-6, 6-3 7-5) and achieve the ticket to the third round of the Australian Open, he is already very little to achieve the license to drive. “I have already the permit [authorization required to practice in the united States], but I brought it to Australia and I don't know why... It has been my mother, so that you don't miss out. She will let me drive unless my father...”, joked in front of a large group of special envoys, because their resonance in the media is proportional to its earliness sports.


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Gauff has star. And the united States the same as if the destination were written in advance. In just six months, everything has changed. Should be competing among the juniors, but it is already 67th in the world, has won a professional title (Linz) and last summer made history at Wimbledon, becoming the tennis player, youngest ever to access the main table of the great british. “My goal is to be the best of the history. That is my goal, to win the most number of Grand Slams,” says without flushing the athlete, whose face already occupies the covers of prestigious magazines, late nights, ad. Your nation awaits you. What vertigo in the face of pressure? None.

“I Respect everyone, but I think I can beat anyone,” he says. “He is extremely mature for his age”, presented three days ago, Venus Williams, 24 years older than her and rendered the two times they have faced, in London and the last Monday in Melbourne. “It is special, very aware of everything around him. It can be a great inspiration for people, especially for young people,” says Billie-Jean King, winner of 12 large. All are compliments, and she processes them with ease, knowing that he comes over a really excessive, although there is its belt guard: his father and coach, Corey, her mother Candi and coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

This last, the French, who trains for years to Serena Williams and also advises the talented Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, has an academy in Nice for which he has paraded Gauff many times and the last month devised a coexistence to top the preseason. In a strategy of team-building (team-building), met from 10 to 20 December to Serena, Gauff, Chris Eubanks and Marius Copil, accompanied by a pair of juniors. The framework of the meeting was to Boca raton, an idyllic spot just south of Florida in which precisely resides Naomi Osaka, the next rival of Coco. There he organized a series of group activities led by the exboxeador Mike Tyson, the renowned fitness trainer Shaun T and DJ Bob Sinclair. And there was everything: triathlon, diving, basketball, racing, kayaking, dinner, and karaoke.

Cori Gauff and MIke Tyson, the last month in Boca raton. @COCOGAUFF

The camp, Mouratoglou responded, in reality, the target of a plot to this year Gauff keep growing and growing, and the legendary Williams (6-2 and 6-3 to Tamara Zidansek) find a way towards the infinite of the 24 large. “I don't box much, because it is not good for my nails, and floor dance always because it's more entertaining to go all day in the gym, right?” reasons to Serena. “The momentazo was the choreography with her”, the last child prodigy of the racket. “Really, this has been my first season because I was a junior,” said the girl, who these days is enjoying an application (TikTok) to create music videos.

“everybody thinks that I am just as serious as on the track, but I'm not. In reality I don't take life too seriously. I just want to have fun”, she said to the couple that his game continues to evolve. Their freshness adds a mobility formidable –measured 1.75 and weighs about 55 pounds, and this strength in the rally which has held in its first appearances in the major; technically quite neat, it now requires that we sharpen the right to win track and enhance the phase offensive, because the withdrawal is pure marble. “Pure talent,” he describes the German Steffi Graf with 22 majors in the record.

“I-I should just worry about my game, not what the people think about me. I have a lot to improve still...”, closes Gauff in Melbourne, where he'll cross paths with another young woman who a year and a half hatched, Naomi Osaka (22). The japanese landed two major –the US Open in 2018 and the Australian Open in the past year– but it has lost a filament. In September, both ended up consoling a tearful after the japanese apeara to the american in the third round in New York. Now, Coco has to face the challenge of climbing another step toward that place which, they say, belongs to him.

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