Turkey-Hero Emre Belözoglu: My mom had to beat me as a child, home

Mehmet Belözoglu was a talented footballer. In a time in which it was not easy to be a Talent in Turkey. It was for professionals as a luxury, to train on a pla

Turkey-Hero Emre Belözoglu: My mom had to beat me as a child, home

Mehmet Belözoglu was a talented footballer. In a time in which it was not easy to be a Talent in Turkey. It was for professionals as a luxury, to train on a place that had a little bit of grass suggest. To train on earth, it was completely normal. The Revolution were created in the Turkish football, which began in earnest with Jupp Derwall at the beginning of the 1980s, at the behest of the German modern training structures, came first later. Nevertheless, the young Mehmet in the professional team of Galatasaray, stand ready to be managed as a potential right-back. But since coach Brian Birch had no use for him, he went a few leagues down. With 21 years he was injured in the knee so hard that he had to finish his barely started career.

When his son was born, lived Papa Belözoglu the dream that this will one day be a footballer. In Zeytinburnu, a district in the heart of Istanbul, was strongly influenced by the textile industry, with many immigrants from Asia and from the Balkans, began son Emre the Kick. "Many of the children had several toys. I just had a Ball," recalls Emre at that time. "The sun was not yet time, since I was already on the road. Until well into the night. My mom had to beat me home in the evening." So it could not go further. So, Papa, Mehmet, brought the ball-loving son to the suburban club Zeytinburnuspor. There Emre learned that you have to pass the Ball from time to time. The youth coaches were excited, only Papa, Mehmet had to be persuaded. "He was always criticising me, he found me, not even really good," recalls Emre today. "Later, today, I convinced him – I think."

Corona pandemic prevents EM participation

Later, so today is Emre Belözoglu 39 years old. He was a six-Time Turkish champion, once in Spanish, once in the Italian Cup winners medals, a UEFA Cup victory and two UEFA super Cup victories, he has also in the Cabinet. He played for Galatasaray, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Newcastle United and Fenerbahce and has about 704 professional games (as of 15. July 2020) completed. 73 goals and 83 Assits to book. He is the only Turkish footballer who scored in the last four decades, a hit. His first Süper Lig matches he made as an 18-year-old Talent in the year 1998. Statistics and stages, you can capture as a "great career", but a happy ending will not give it to him in his last season. dpa Sami Khedira (l) and Emre Belözoglu give 2010 not one inch in the battle.

"The EURO 2020 would have been a super final, the pandemic has prevented it, but that's just fate," he says. With the end of this season Belözoglu ended his career. He really wanted to get even with Fenerbahce a champion title before he stops, but nothing will come. Fenerbahce started strong in the season, but has played a terrible second round and now has to fear even the European Cup to enter. An image of past years in which Fenerbahce continued for one season after the other in the Sand. Specially Emre was brought in at the beginning of this season from Basaksehir back to the newly formed Fenerbahce-team lead as a Leader to success.

a player, coach, sports Director

Sporty Emre is quite in the League to help his team, if not more in length. In the meantime, he sits on the bench, and then in the second half, left the bench to pull the cart out of the Mud. He managed it in this season already a couple of Times. Like a super hero who helps in Need is highest. Where: the one with The cash can is not entirely true. He changes himself. He is the Turkish Günter Netzer. Because Emre is not, in the meantime, only the captain and playmaker, but also interim coach and sporting Director. Interim coach, because Ersun Yanal left the beginning of March, the club, and no successor was brought in. Sports Director, because just before Yanal Damien Comolli the club and no successor brought was left. So Emre simply took over all the Jobs. Playmaker, Captain, Coach, Sports Director. "He should be in the new season, the new strong man," says Fenerbahce President Ali Koc. "I'm going to act outside of the square in the same way as I have acted, within the space," says Emre. But that's exactly what could be the Problem.

Emre is a bolt of Energy. Mercilessly a high-class footballer, talented,. But exceedingly hot-tempered and unusually motivated. Properties several times stood by him in his career in the way. If the duration of the judges, or opposing players and coaches dispute with arbitration, with representatives of the media, or other characters that met him in his career. He fell several times in disgrace, sponge freely, but with strong performances again. But he always falls back into old patterns: Hardly Emre sat after the pandemic on the Fenerbahce-Bank, to act as a player-coach in addition to Tahir Karapinar, was brought in because he has the required license, conceding he is shown a Yellow card for dissent.

the New coach is the desire of the candidate is Bulut

This Emre said recently that "I believe that I have changed. There were often legitimate criticism. I paid for it also, I know that. I just happen to have a corresponding rap sheet." But in the same breath, he also says that it is difficult to act differently. "I've never been someone only to find yourself looking and on its own concentrated power." What he exemplifies, he would like to see his (Co-)players: "Every player must prove themselves in each game to his players. If you don't, you're not a great player. Every game, every workout is a new challenge." imago images/VI-Images coach-desire a candidate with Fenerbahce is probably Bulut, Erol.

Emre is just about as sporting Director to build up the squad for the new season. First Transfer, he should have hailed a row thanks to his excellent contacts already. An important task is but search also the trainer of Emre since March is involved. Preferred candidate is, apparently, Erol Bulut, once a player for Eintracht Frankfurt, on the Alanyaspor an excellent Job. Turkish media speculate, but the fact that Bulut, who enjoyed in his previous stations always have a free Hand, could see the probable high influence of Emre as a Problem. Because of the new strong man makes no effort to want to as a silent functionary in the Background act. A Bank will be in Turkey actually uncommon for athletic Directors, it.

he Gets his emotions in a grip, could Emre can be actually a real stroke of luck for Fenerbahce. We speak with former and current players, rave about it. In spite of all the airs, which are reminiscent of Michael Jordan in The Last Dance. But for Emre it. Like the time before sunrise in Zeytinburnu.

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