These sports Highlights are suffering from Corona

The rampant Coronavirus, in these days of Chaos, even in the sports world. Various events can not be carried out as planned, or have been completely deleted.

These sports Highlights are suffering from Corona

The rampant Coronavirus, in these days of Chaos, even in the sports world. Various events can not be carried out as planned, or have been completely deleted.

right now, there's many Championships are excreted in the hot final phase, is to know all the more important, as it goes well with the respective sports more.

Here is an Overview:
" hockey
" Motorsport
" Volleyball
" sports



In March, to be in this country, played no games in the Super League in the Challenge League. When it goes on, is open. The Cup quarter-finals have been postponed, if the semi-finals have already been drawn. The championship of the Promotion League, and the 1 round. League of 7./8. March have been fully deleted. The national League A women must also pause for the time being. The Amateur leagues are allowed to continue their operation, provided that the cantons allow it.


In Italy will be held the matches of the series A and series B in March, in front of empty stands. Furthermore, it is currently discussed, whether in Italy, the championship is cancelled. The Italian Minister of sport calls for. On Tuesday, the Italian Association discusses and decides.

The German football League of the season in the Bundesliga and 2. To play League, in spite of the Coronavirus epidemic until the middle of may, as planned at the end. Be discussed at present, however, the spirit of the games. So the Ruhr Derby Dortmund-Schalke on Saturday could take place without spectators.

The Championships of the other Top leagues in England, Spain and France are likely to be carried out according to plan. The only restriction is On the shaking of hands between the players should be dispensed with.

In the Champions League and in the Europa League will go to all the games, with a few exceptions, such as planned across the stage. In the case of Valencia-Atalanta (CL) and Inter-Getafe (EL) must not be spectators to the stadium. Also the BVB match in Paris will be held without spectators.

the start of The season of the Chinese Super League as well as the South Korean K-League have been postponed. Also, the games in the Asian Champions League are moved, if Chinese teams are involved.

The qualifying tournament of the women for the 2020 Olympic games has been moved from Wuhan to Sydney.

The Fifa moves the Asian qualifying games for the FIFA world Cup 2022 in March and June. We have agreed with the Asian football Confederation (AFC), the world football Association.

The venerable San Siro remains, like other Italian stadiums empty for the time being. (image: Emilio Andreoli/AP/Keystone)

ice hockey


The National League and the Swiss League are up on the 16. March paused. 17. March, however, should be the Playoff Start. So with the spirit of play, when the Federal Council holds at event, prohibition. This is heard from hockey circles.

In the top League of women be imposed until further notice no guidelines from the pages of Swiss Ice Hockey. This is because in these leagues the average attendance rarely, if ever, the Federal Council set a ceiling of thousands of spectators exceeds.


The International ice hockey Federation (IIHF) has canceled several tournaments in the men's and women's lower divisions.

The women's world Cup in Canada, the from 31. March to 10. April would have occurred is canceled.

Whether the world Cup for men held in Switzerland (Lausanne and Zurich), is still uncertain. A definitive decision has not yet fallen. What is certain is that Russia and Belarus have offered the world Cup if you can't take place in Switzerland.

In the NHL, no games have been cancelled, also there are no mind games. The NHL did, however, observe the Situation and developing contingency plans.


The world tour race Strade Bianche, has been cancelled. The classic that takes you over the dusty gravel roads of Tuscany, will be rescheduled to a later date.

the Cycling race in Tirreno-Adriatico (11. to 17. March) and the spring classic Milan-Sanremo (21. March) are cancelled. In the run-up had already signed out for both races already have multiple Teams.

Whether the Coronavirus will also have an impact on the Tour de Suisse, the Giro d'italia and the Tour de France, is not yet clear. Responsible to communicate this to a later date.

will not take Place this year: the world tour race Strade Bianche. (image: Daniele Badolato/AP/Keystone)


The motorcycle world championship series kicked off this weekend in Qatar, with a reduced programme in the season. Only the two small classes – Moto2 and Moto3 were in Doha in the season opener of MotoGP has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The race in Thailand (22. March) is the same for all strength classes on 4. October has been postponed.

The for the 4. In April ePrix in Rome was cancelled. The formula E checks, whether a shift to a later date is possible. Previously was the for the 21. March scheduled have been cancelled guest in Sanya, China.

In the formula 1 will take place in the Bahrain-race without spectators. The season-opener in Melbourne, Australia on the weekend, however, should take place despite the ongoing crisis by the Coronavirus as planned with spectators. The racing Director Andrew Westacott said. Open, what with the Grand Prix of Vietnam on 5. April happens.


Up on 15. March are interrupted in the highest leagues of the men and the women, as well as the second-highest League of the men. The lower leagues and youth Championships go on.


In the NBA there are no Cancellations or mind games, so far at least. So the NBA sent on Sunday a Memo to the 30 Teams, which also includes the opportunity to play from the Spirit.


In the highest classes of women and men in the weekend games from 7 are. and 8. March has been postponed. In the lower leagues, the instructions of the cantonal authorities apply. The Playoff semi-finals the 18. March, in a Best of Three series played. From then on, the ranking games will be held.

More sports

the Tennis Sport is of the Coronavirus-affected by the epidemic. So the tournament of Indian Wells has been cancelled. It is the first cancellation in the history of the tournament. What it looks like with other tournaments, such as the Miami Open and the French Open , is not yet 100 percent clear. The person in charge of the French Open, however, indicated that they expect with the implementation. One has to consider, however, measures such as distribution of masks, or a cancellation of the Tickets of the buyers from the regions concerned.

The Swiss Judo Open of 7. and 8. March in Winterthur, also fell to the Coronavirus victim.

In the cross-country of the Engadin Skimarathon from the 8. March is a big Highlight in the annual calendar have been deleted.

extremely runners popular among the long: the ski marathon in Engadin. (image: Urs Flüeler/Keystone)

The world Cup in short track in the South Korean Seoul (13.-15.3) has been postponed. New you will take place in 2021.

the ski the Virus has an impact. So the world Cup was the Final in Cortina d'ampezzo (18. to 22. March) cancelled definitely.

of The Swiss football the Cup final will 15 not, as planned, at the. March carried out. In the championship, the game operation is not interrupted, as in the highest League in the Swiss floorball .

In the Snowboard of the Slopestyle world Cup has been canceled in the Czech Spindleruv Mlyn (21.3).

the Swiss Open in Basel is affected by the restrictions as a result of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. While international Badminton tournament from 17 to. to 22. March in the St. Jakobshalle will take place, however, almost without spectators.Are approved according to the organizers, only 200 Fans.

In the athletics the marathons in Rome on November 29. March and in Paris on the 5. April did not take place. New the Paris Marathon will take place on 18.10. The Barcelona Marathon takes place. This is on the 25. October has been postponed. The half marathon world championship in Gdynia (Poland) from the 29.3 has been moved to October. In addition, the indoor world Championships in Nanjing (China) has been postponed from mid-March to next year and the world Championships in modern pentathlon (25.-31.5) has been relocated from Xiamen (China) to Cancun (Mexico).

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