The thrill of the duel from the chalk point - The penalty of 50 | district of Munich will shoot

a Minimum of ten Shooters, two goalkeepers, and – eventually – a winner: this Saturday, 50 years ago, a hairdresser from Penzberg invented the penalty shoot out

The thrill of the duel from the chalk point - The penalty of 50 | district of Munich will shoot

a Minimum of ten Shooters, two goalkeepers, and – eventually – a winner: this Saturday, 50 years ago, a hairdresser from Penzberg invented the penalty shoot out. Since then, the duel has been decided by the point in the district of victory and defeat, as well as On ascent and descent.

County – It dawns slowly in Mindelheim, as Felix Pichler puts the football on the penalty spot – and rightly so- under the enchanted Gaze of 600 spectators. You have seen up to this point in a thrilling play-off game promotion to the national League between VfR Garching and FC Sonthofen. After 90 minutes, it was 1 stood:1, and since the extension, no further goals were scored, you must now decide the penalty shoot-out on this June evening in the year of 2011.

"Several experienced players have chickened out and did not want to compete," recalls Daniel Weber, then a coach in Garching. So Felix Pichler ran the latest VfR-Kicker on the lawn needs. His shot which the goalkeeper parried, while the remaining nine Shooters show no nerves. The Rest is boundless joy in Sonthofen and bottomless disappointment in Garching. "That was already shooting a pretty heavy penalty," says Daniel Weber today. "These are experiences that stay with you in memory."

+ pure Emotion: the mercury has reported from the penalty shoot-out of the VfR Garching against Sonthofen in the year 2011; Trainer, Daniel Weber (upper picture standing 2.v.l and the Bank in black) still remembers it vividly.

And it experiences the footballers and Fans are up to 50 years ago, denied remained. It was after the final whistle, as well as one or more extensions in a draw, so either a repetition, it was agreed the game or the winner by lot. Unforgettable is about the "coin toss of Rotterdam" 1965: After the quarter-final of the European Cup between Liverpool and 1. FC Cologne return game 0:0 as well as a decision-making game including overtime with 2:2 were assumed to be, had to decide on the lot. By Robert a wood disk used Looks with red and white page, which remained on the first roll vertically in the boggy grass stuck. On the second try, the wheel showed red – and Liverpool moved to the semi-finals.

Such random decisions disturbed at the time, many football friends – including Karl forest (1916-2011), a hairdresser, a referee from Penzberg. He invented the shootout, as we know it today and introduced it on 30. In may 1970, at the twelfth referee conference of the BFV in Munich. With a flaming plea, he convinced the present, to which Bavaria introduced in the season 1970/1971 the penalty shoot-out. In the result, DFB, UEFA, and in 1976 also took on the FIFA the new mode.

The first major tournament that was decided by the chalk point was the 1976 European Championships in Yugoslavia – as Uli Hoeness his penalty kick in the Belgrade night sky chased. Since then, the forest's invention has written countless dramas: Time in the Large, such as in the Finale Dahoam FC Bayern in 2012, lost against Chelsea; and changes in the Small – like a year before in Mindelheim, where the VfR Garching was scraping so on the climb over. Her former Coach, Daniel Weber knows the thrill of a penalty shootout from three perspectives – as a coach, goalie and shooter. "I have scored a lot of penalties in the game," recalls the former Keeper. Whether there is a need for the penalty, rather a good-shot technique or a quiet head? "I think both," said Weber. Finally, penalties in General, and a penalty shoot-out in Particular is "always nervous to be the game," says the longtime VfR-Coach. "And the one controlled better, the other worse."

Daniel Weber can. long discourse on the "psychological game" of goalkeepers, the stalk with the poor rowing, prior to the execution of the Protect or a piece of paper out of the Socket – as Jens Lehmann in the 2006 world Cup quarter-final against Argentina Also Luke Riglewski familiar with such shenanigans, after all he is the regional division club SV Heimstetten for the penalty charge. "I pay as little as possible on the goalie," says the 26-Year-old. "I find me a corner and try to shoot the Ball, and placed there." If he puts the Ball on the chalk point, rightly, feel he is "never a special pressure," says Riglewski. "In the meantime, the Routine is."

curious to penalty

this has been missing in 2011, perhaps the young Garching, Felix Pichler, Daniel Weber, but then, as now, in protection. Anyway, the Drama of Mindelheim not have a negative effect on the Psyche of the Teams: in the following year, the VfR made the ascent, and later went on high in the Regionalliga. "We went our way," recalls Weber. And he says: "In the long-term follow-up, everything has to be Good."

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